KFC Goodwill heats up as 2nd day looms

The four teams involved in the inaugural KFC Goodwill tournament will this evening engage in their second night of competition after a scintillating opening night.
Shiva Boys Hindu College and Linden’s Christianburg-Wismar Secondary were the first two teams to pick up wins on Saturday night, triumphing over Annai Secondary and Annandale Secondary respectively.
When the action kicks off this evening, the opponents will be exchanged, as Annandale Secondary will be challenging the Shiva Boys from Trinidad and Tobago and Annai Secondary of Region 9 will take on Christianburg-Wismar.
Annandale will have an uphill task ahead of them as they prepare to take on the table toppers, Shiva Boys. The Trinidad team have already shown that they possess a mixture of pace and talent, and can control ball possession for most of their games. However, throughout the recently concluded Guyoil/Tradewind Tankers Under-18 tournament, Annandale had shown their resilience in taking on the front runners when they were the first to defeat the threatening Lodge Secondary.
The coupling of these two teams is sure to present an exciting game of football, as Annandale fight to gather points after a last minute loss to Christiansburg- Wismar in their first game.
Meanwhile, a win for Shiva Boys will put them in a commanding position to take the inaugural KFC Goodwill title.
The second contest of the evening, featuring Christianburg-Wismar and Annai Secondary, is an all-Guyanese clash and will be great for measuring the best of the best, as both teams have been among the top school teams for years. Coming off a win, Christianburg Wismar will be fuelled by confidence, but Annai Secondary is known for their ability to bounce back. Despite winning their first game, Christianburg-Wismar sit on 2 points after winning on penalties. As such, if the Linden team wish to push themselves to the top of the table, they will — like Annai — be looking for a convincing win over their opponent.
Undoubtedly, this clash will see a series of aggressive plays, given the nature of both teams.
The first game of the night is expected to kick off at 5pm, while the second will be played at 7pm.
The competition will conclude on Saturday, December 22.