Khemraj Ramjattan was an utter failure as Public Security Minister

Dear Editor,
Khemraj Ramjattan was an utter failure as Public Security Minister, and has no grounds to criticise any member of this current Government.
Ramjattan’s stint as head of the Security Sector will forever be marred by the numerous prison escapes that plunged the Guyanese populace into a state of fear; which was justifiable, given that in every corner of the country, there were stories emanating of violent crimes, especially armed robberies, and even murders.
During the APNU/AFC tenure in office, there were numerous prison breaks, prominent among which was the devastating prison fire and riot that resulted in the deaths of some 17 prisoners, a prison officer, and the almost total destruction of the Camp Street Prison.
Adding to the Security Sector’s woes, then-President David Granger released numerous convicted criminals on an annual basis, raising concerns among the public over the criteria used to select prisoners, and the rationale behind the release.
A country’s Security Sector bears the most responsibility for the protection of citizens from criminal elements; thus, anyone tasked with the mandate of managing this vital sector should prove, over time, meritorious in the functionality and efficiency of the various arms of Government comprising his portfolio.
However, from the inception of the appointment of Khemraj Ramjattan as Public Security Minister, there had been one critical incident after another, compromising the nation’s safety and engendering calls from even from his own party’s supporters that he should resign or be re-assigned, because he had clearly failed to deliver on his primary mandate.
What was more appalling than Ramjattan’s glaring failures were his constant attempts to defend the indefensible. As Security Minister, Ramjattan excused himself with one ridiculous postulation after another, when the fact is that he was unable to perform to expectations due to alleged machinations of his own Government.
In contrast to this, President Irfaan Ali, in his New Year’s Speech, has given the assurance that national security would be reinforced to a requisite quantum – which assured that soldiers and Police ranks would be deployed to emergency situations at an instant, with enhanced crime-fighting capacity.

Sincerely yours,
Attiya Baksh