Know when… you’re being gaslighted

In the 1944 movie “Gaslight”, Ingrid Berman plays the role of a hapless housewife whose husband manipulates her into believing she’s wacko. One of his tricks was dimming the gas lights in the home – then insisting she’s “imagining things”!! The term stuck to describe all those narcissistic and psychotic manipulators who mess with peoples’ minds and make them doubt themselves. And of course, to believe the manipulators who are pushing their own agendas!!
And it’s not just a technique used by men or women in abusive relationships – politicians use it all the time – to make you cast aside even opinions you formed through personal experience. They frequently use “the big lie” so confidently you begin to wonder! Take PNC leader Aubrey Norton – who’s also the Opposition Leader of our Republic – who just announced he’s gonna be meeting that delegation from the US who’s coming on an “objective fact-finding mission” – but really to gaslight the US Administration!
Now we all know that the PNC shyster based in some basement in Canarsie had cooked up that Washington “Conference on Guyana” with the blessings of Norton and local Opposition elements. And that’s where these Black activists and state representatives were briefed by…. drum roll…the Opposition MPs and camp followers – including the same Mr Norton!! Now your Eyewitness knew the con was on the moment the Brooklyn hustler booked the National Press Club to host the “conference” and promised US governmental officials’ attendance. The Press Club doesn’t house the American Press – just a joint anyone can rent for around US$500 for three hours!! When no US official – even the Shyster’s bestie Hakeem – showed up, your Eyewitness’s suspicions were confirmed!!
So, we have a self-fulfilling prophecy playing out: the worthies will be meeting the same Opposition folks they met in Washington – since the government smelt a rat and won’t be meeting them! And will “discover” what they were told!! Your Eyewitness has a suggestion: Why don’t they investigate the PNC’s post-1997 strategy after they lost THAT election?? Hoyte described his strategy as “Slow fyaah” and it played out as periodic marches in Georgetown; then attacks and arson on Indian-Guyanese stores, following a day of brutal beatings of ordinary members of that community on Jan 12th 1998.
He then ratcheted up his strategy and described it as “Mo’ fyaah”. Murder, kidnappings, robberies and banditry were added to the actions taken to oust the PPP government. The 2002 Mash Jailbreak by 5 convicted killers took matters to a whole new level after they holed up in Buxton, called themselves “Freedom Fighters” for African Guyanese and launched attacks on the Police and Indian Guyanese.
Any other inquiry and findings are gaslighting! But the US got their ambassador here, innit?

…the PNC’s hiding oil contract facts
While the PNC– do you really think the AFC, WPA, and the other nonentities in the “coalition” had any influence?? – refined gaslighting to a whole new level, Raphael Trotman gotta be given pride of place with his defence of his Oil Contract! Just check his book!! First, there were the Big Lies on why the contract couldn’t be released – then the bonus and some dark hints about “national security” concerning our border. That queasy feeling you had all along? That’s a hint you were being gaslighted.
Since then there hasn’t been a day passing when a new revelation on their giveaways doesn’t get a gaslighting “explanation”. Let’s take Trottie’s explanation of why he signed along the dotted line in Houston – after getting Exxon’s full-court press!! He still maintains he was TOLD to do so. But why doesn’t he come out and say WHO told him to do so??
Wouldn’t that clear his name if he’s being made a fall guy?? Does he really think he can gaslight the Guyanese people?

…it’s all over
We’re due for the next election come 2025. But looks like the PNC’s already throwing in the towel. Surely, they should’ve straightened out their leadership situation by now to be taken seriously??