Kudos to Commander Watts

Dear Editor,
I was flabbergasted as I watched the video of a young man supposedly from Region Three attacking the Commander of Region Three because he was performing his duties to protect us. As the video progressed, there was some serious accusation against the Commander and members of the Police Force and I am not in agreement of their conduct, but I am a little dismayed at the way in which the host of the video addressed the Commander and the President, showing no respect by addressing them by their names. I would say the man vented his anger out of utter frustration, but my humble opinion is that they are either ignorant or disrespectful.
This is the second time I’ve had cause to pen a letter in support of Commander Watts’ action, whilst there’s some who are not in agreement of his actions, most people I have spoken to are very supportive of the way he’s executing his duties in Region Three. It’s unwarranted for the man to be disrespectful like that.
Editor, Guyana is in a peculiar position due to the COVID-19 and if anyone noticed, there is a tremendous increase in the infection rate and deaths. Based on what I’ve been hearing, Commander Watts has been tormenting the bars, rum shops and anywhere that is having gatherings and he, personally, is present when some of these operations are taking place.
Without a doubt, hadn’t he been so vigilant, I am quite sure that the infection and death rates would have been worst. For that, I am grateful for Commander Watts’ way of handling the Region. I have three children and relatives living in this Region. I, in their interest, have to ensure my conduct does not encourage anyone to risk their life by going against the rules.
Finally, Editor, it’s my understanding that the curfew is to ensure people are home by that time. Not to wait until then and go home at the exact time. The lady in the video is conducting a business that somewhat encourages people to venture out of their house at night, and if she’s serious about playing a helping hand with this fight against the COVID-19, she would have seen to arrange herself in a manner that she could conduct her business at an earlier time.
Based on what was being said in the video, liming is going on, and that is totally wrong. Many are of the view that COVID-19 is transmitted when the place is cold or at nights, so why would you risk your health/life and that of others? Travelling to a few places around Guyana, most people are in their house by six o’clock. I am quite sure, many that are claiming of being harassed are not essential workers, but hell-bent of being disrespectful to the rule of law.

Sahadeo Bates