Kudos to GECOM as it stamps firm authority in grabbing control of its autonomy

Dear Editor,
Eid Mubarak to all celebrating this auspicious day in the Muslim faith. There was trauma at the Court of Appeal drama, which could have caused some to fall in a coma, especially when the star of the show, Attorney Kim Kyte-Thomas, representing GECOM Madam Chair, Ms. Claudette Singh, stood up like a humongous mountain and rebuked, refuted, refused and dismissed the ambiguous question of requesting a stay.
Originally, the request was immediately denied, but afterwards, one day was reluctantly and hesitantly granted. Perhaps, what is a laughing matter is the question of a stay of what?
On a lighter note, did the court evade the answer and left all in the dark? Guyanese are proud with admiration for GECOM’s stand. But, yesterday, as was expected and of no surprise, all three Justices: Dawn Gregory, Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and Rishi Persaud, unanimously threw out the Misenga Jones appeal case against the decision of Chief Justice Roxanne George, making way for the recount votes to be used for the declaration of the result of the March 2nd General and Regional Elections.
Also, the judges ruled that the CEO, Lowenfield, must submit his Section 96 report based on the recount votes, being under the direction of GECOM. The way forward is daunted with dark clouds, without a transparent pathway, especially with a long holiday weekend; but stormy weather is in the forecast, literally and ironically.
Is the next stop the CCJ? Again, it’s anyone’s guess!
One cannot help but wonder if this is the beginning of the end of the 2020 General and Regional Elections, or whether this is merely the end of another beginning.
At this stage in Guyana, nothing should be taken for granted, or left to chance and allow complacency to step in. We have experienced the stubbornness of the Coalition Party to refuse to easily accept the rulings of any of the courts; to disregard their decisions; to be complicit with their instructions; to be found wanting regarding the Constitution of the country; to flaunt the law of the land; to manipulate and override the standing orders of GECOM; to ignore COVID-19 regulations; to wilfully and maliciously interrupt completion of the election process; to wickedly litigate frivolous and vexatious court applications perpetually; to disrespect the will of the people, and to enforce their own laws based on their personal interpretations and interests.
They have proven not to be trustworthy. Their record speaks for itself, and this mantra is daily reinforced by their back-tracking trail, shifting of the goal posts, lies, deceitful nature, and tongue twisting practices.
This laboriously, long-drawn-out election process is a recent classic reflection to substantiate the above-mentioned statements. They are capable of taking the law into their own hands with the necessary help from the relevant supportive forces. They have scant respect, and total disregard, for dignity and honesty, and for the opinions of any opposing party, internal and external.
To supplement this iteration with the highest disrespect for GECOM, the Madam Chair, Guyana, and all Guyanese, the APNU/AFC Party have again jumped the gun and instituted court litigation against the Madam Chair of GECOM, the honourable Justice (Retired) Ms. Claudette Singh, filing private charges of misconduct in public office even before the COA had an opportunity to make a decision in the conclusion of the Misenga Jones preposterous appeal case. This definitely is the work of the Devil, playing with fire and people’s lives, well-orchestrated and executed after being carefully and meticulously premeditated.
To complement the impertinent ructions of the APNU/AFC Party, their hapless leader keeps harping on the GECOM declaration while cowering behind hidden and unsaid words, and in another breath, fumbling with words, mumbling about his refusal to accept the Election Recount result. His comment on his obligation to observe a declaration unconditionally does not confirm his acceptance of the Madam Chair’s intended declaration.
CARICOM Chairman Dr. Ralph Gonsalves had genuine reasons to ask him to stand up and be a man. Mr. “G,” why don’t you be man enough to say what you mean and mean what you say? Don’t hide behind closed doors and utter useless threats, shooting hot air and being fearful of facing the public at large. You, sir, your selective appearance, contradictory and abusive statements, and limited audience tells the rest of Guyana that you are not worthy of any type of leadership, and you should bring the curtain down. It is only a coward who lives to fear, not fight, another day. It is time you call it a day; save yourself further embarrassment; protect your name; listen, accept and implement your immediate family’s advice; reread the Holy Book, if you still believe in it or are not afraid to touch and open it; and then, do only the just and right thing now.
One of the best things that happened at the COA yesterday, which brought music to the ears of the people and more of a relief, was to listen to the words of Counsel Kim Kyte-Thomas. She expounded in no uncertain terms and words, stamping GECOM’s firm authority in grabbing control of its autonomy by vocally and thunderously declaring that the matter before the court is “frivolous and vexatious”, and added that it was untenable for GECOM to be detained from its work, and the work of GECOM must be completed.
Hats off to Counsel and Ms. Claudette Singh! By dismissing the case, there is nothing to stop GECOM from proceeding with a declaration, starting with summoning a meeting any time after 3pm today, giving that the one day “stay” would have commenced at 3pm yesterday and expires at 3pm today. There should be no grace period for any written report, time to study the report, and time to prepare any report. APNU/AFC Party Commissioners and the CEO have used and abused the patience and tolerance, the excuses and uses and the empathy and sympathy of GECOM and its Madam Chair and her privileges, being protégés. Playing time is over, and the current time is the essence for election solution. GECOM is an independent and constitutional body and the national and international community is aware that these private charges against the GECOM Madam Chair lack any degree of merit, are clueless and false, are raucous and malicious, are delaying tactics to stay in power, are interruptions to the elections process, are again fictitious and vexatious, are meant to aggravate the people of Guyana, and are planted to arouse retaliation.
This matter is of paramount importance, a country is being held to ransom, the people’s future is in jeopardy and held in limbo, people are suffering and starving, falling sick and dying, there is no work for the average Guyanese, crime is taking over as an alternative for survival, basic needs are denied, and the management of COVID-19 is without leadership.
Holiday has to take a back seat, and GECOM has to apply precedence with responsibility. Five months have elapsed and Guyana cannot apply any go-slow method in resolving its issues, and rules and regulations have to be circumvented with practicality and legality, not recklessly ignored or broken. All loopholes have to be plugged, and commonsense must prevail.
It is time for GECOM to unveil that light at the end of the tunnel. Guyana is ready, willing and able to recharge its battery as Guyanese stand awake, firm, united, peaceful, and energised with solar power from the potent sparks of GECOM.

Jai Lall