Kuru Kururu woman’s death ruled as suicide, husband released

Weeks after the husband of a 26-year-old dental assistant was taken into custody following the discovery of her body at her home at Kuru Kururu village on the Soesdyke-Linden Highway, Police have ruled the case as suicide, and released her husband from custody.

Dhanwantie Ramsarup and her husband in happier times

This was according to Regional Commander Mahendra Siwnarine who said that the Police’s legal advisor instructed that the woman’s death be treated as a suicide since he would have visited the scene himself and did his own investigation.
Previous reports stated that the dead woman, who was identified as Dhanwantie Ramsarup, would have committed suicide, but detectives during their investigations, unearthed marks of violence about her body, and, as such, her husband was arrested.
The husband, a 30-year-old dentist, reportedly told detectives that his wife had threatened to end her life because she was allegedly suffering from depression.
The man and his now dead wife allegedly had a misunderstanding prior to him going to work.
However, he later learnt that the woman had reportedly set fire to several pieces of her clothing. He rushed home, and it was then she had threatened to take her life.
Further, he reportedly told Police that on the day in question, he was at his parents’ home when he received a telephone call from his wife, who told him that she was going to kill herself.
As such, he and his father went to his residence, where he observed the house in darkness. As they made checks, they found Ramsarup’s motionless body lying face down, with a wire around her neck.
The Police were immediately contacted, and upon arriving at the scene, they reportedly found blood in her nostrils along with injuries to her left wrist and lacerations to her forehead.
In addition, blood was seen on the ground about two feet from where her body was lying.
She was picked up and taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, where she was pronounced dead on arrival.