Kwakwani can soon expect a 1000-kilowatt photovoltaic solar farm

Dear Editor,
Residents of Kwakwani can soon expect the highly anticipated 1000-kilowatt (1MW) photovoltaic solar farm. This project is yet another example of Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d) Mark Phillips and the PPP/C Government’s commitment to achieving a low carbon economy and advancing the country’s transition towards clean energy development since taking office in August 2, 2020. Renewable and clean energy will play a pivotal role in fostering economic growth, energy security, job creation, and poverty alleviation in a cost-effective manner while contributing to climate change mitigation in Kwakwani sub–Region Two.
Our Government’s comprehensive, clean energy plan to guide our transition to sustainable energy generation. A plan that will enable us to receive renewable and reliable energy at a reduced cost for households, industries and hinterland communities. It will remove our dependence on imported fossil fuels; it will result in foreign exchange savings and it will insulate our economy from the impact of rising petroleum prices
As more and more communities and utility companies like Kwakwani Utilities Inc adopt to “solar farms” the community solar industry will blossom from a few innovative “pilot” projects into full-fledged countrywide programmes across the country. Now, several of community solar projects are operational or in development, supported by hinterland electrification company and the office. The office of the Prime Minister mandated the Government of Guyana to consistently deliver the benefits of solar and other renewable energy projects to individuals and communities.
During a recent meet the community, we quickly learned how much consumer demand there was to support renewable energy. At the same time, many of the same people who actively supported solar did not know where to begin the process themselves. This is especially true if they were in the vast majority of consumers who could not “go solar” themselves with a rooftop system.
Rooftop solar is a great option for the people that can utilise it, but many residents and businesses cannot. Community PV solar farm serves anyone who cannot benefit from rooftop solar, making it a great option for renters, apartment dwellers, homeowners, or businesses without the right kind of roof.
Kwakwani resident and investors will receive a big boost in electricity supply with the construction of a photovoltaic solar farm, here in sub-Region 2.
One of the biggest challenges in Kwakwani still remains the sourcing and availability of fuel and the overall cost to always have fuel readily available. With solar energy, this will definitely cut cost for our Government, since electricity in Kwakwani is subsidised and residents do not pay for it. However, with this photovoltaic solar farm in place, Government subsidies will continue but if a payment system will ever be enacted, it will be on par with the cost of electricity in Linden.
This is not first time the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government will be investing millions into improving the electricity supply at Kwakwani; the construction of a modern solar farm in Kwakwani sub-Region 2 will be a welcoming investment made by the PPP/C Government that will further enhance Kwakwani Utilities Inc electrification expansion project in Kwakwani and the Berbice River.

David Adams