Labour Day 2024: More than 23% in across-the-board salary increases paid to public servants since 2020 – Pres Ali

– reaffirms as economy expands, workers will share in growing prosperity

On the occasion of Labour Day 2024, President Dr. Irfaan Ali revealed that more than 23 per cent in across-the-board salary increases have been paid out to public servants since 2020, just one demonstration of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government’s commitment to workers.
In his Labour Day message, President Ali urged workers to look beyond the monetary benefits the government has been providing while noting that in many ways, the government has created non-salary benefits for public servants.
“My government is deeply rooted in the working class. We remain committed to defending the rights of workers and enhancing their well-being and welfare. We recognise that the improvement of living and working conditions is fundamental to economic prosperity and social justice.”
“However, it is crucial to also appreciate that the well-being of workers extends beyond their pay packages. The well-being of workers involves respecting their dignity and their work. True dignity for workers encompasses access to quality education, healthcare, affordable housing, retirement benefits, and social protections for the vulnerable among us,” the President said.
According to President Ali, the benefits the government has been providing to the workers, have collectively put billions of dollars in disposable income back into their hands. This is particularly the case with the across-the-board salary increases it has paid to public servants.
President Ali further added that the government “Created more than 50,000 new jobs; paid cumulative across-the-board salary increases of more than 23% to public servants; adjusted salaries upwards for 5,000 healthcare workers and 9,000 members of the Disciplined Services; increased allowances and duty-free concessions and corrected anomalies in the wages and salaries of teachers and increased the monthly income tax threshold to G$100,000.”
Other initiatives taken by the government include increased allocations to the education sector, expanded school feeding programme, and provision of more than 21,000 scholarships under the Guyana Academy of Online Learning, of which 20% have gone to teachers.
They have also distributed more than 30,000 house lots and initiated a part-time jobs programme that is placing incomes into the hands of 15,000 workers. These measures, the President noted, are aimed at empowering workers, enhancing the well-being of their families and contributing to the flourishing of our nation.
“On this May Day 2024, I wish to reaffirm my government’s solidarity with workers. I reiterate our commitment to placing their well-being at the forefront of our national agenda. We have your back! As our economy expands and improves, workers will share in our growing prosperity.
“Together, let us chart a path towards greater progress, mindful of the lessons of the past where irresponsible stewardship led to a deterioration of the conditions and the pauperisation of the working class.”
The President pointed out that May Day or Workers’ Day celebrates the invaluable and indispensable contributions of workers to the advancement of the common good. According to him, it is a day when the nation recognises and appreciates the pivotal role that workers play in shaping our societies, driving progress, and fostering solidarity.
“It is through the collective efforts of workers that societies flourish and prosper. Work is not merely a means of earning a livelihood, it is an essential aspect of human existence. Through work, individuals can realise their potential, provide for themselves and their families, contribute to the advancement of human progress, eradicate poverty, and preserve human dignity.”
“As a government, we are seised by the realisation that it is incumbent upon us to ensure that workers are afforded opportunities for personal and professional growth, as well as the means to lead fulfilling lives. My government is dedicated uncompromisingly to this mission.”
President Ali noted that the PPP/C is expanding economic opportunities, creating sustainable jobs, improving education and healthcare systems, facilitating access to housing, and enhancing social protections for all citizens. He went on to urge workers to consider the broader benefits being afforded to them and their families, “beyond mere financial compensation.”
“On this Workers’ Day, let us march forward, hand-in-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, towards an era of shared prosperity, where our workers are the primary beneficiaries. Solidarity forever! Long live the working class!” the President added.