Let’s put aside our differences and row our boat in the same direction

Dear Editor,
It is public knowledge that I have been sick with COVID-19 and recovering in New York. I do not know how and where I caught this dreaded decease, but can assure one and all that I followed all protocols.
I am eternally grateful to the staff of New York Presbyterian Hospital, who took care of me. I am especially thankful to Don Bissessar and Ms Kamini, two Guyanese staff who went the extra mile. They were the bridge to my family, who could not visit me.
While lying in bed for 16 days, pondering and being grateful to The Almighty, I kept myself occupied with following the news in my Guyana. This morning I looked at the sitting of Parliament and the statements made by the Speaker, Hon Manzoor Nadir.

I was taken aback by the personal attack and awful wishes made against the Speaker. I am aware that robust debate and public relations statements are par for the course.
When I served the National Assembly, I had my share of such approaches. But there were always elders in Parliament and out of Parliament there to counsel when any of us stepped out of line.
Opposition Leader Hon Hugh Desmond Hoyte, Haslyn Parris, Winston Murray, Robert Corbin, Yvonne Hearwood-Benn among others, were sobering heads. What we never did was to personally attack a political opponent’s health.
What was reported by the Hon. Speaker was an attack on his health, he being a victim of COVID. My muscles are sore, lungs weak, 10-feet walk to the washroom is like climbing the Kanuku Mountains.
I empathise with all the victims of COVID, their loved ones, friends and families. Unless you experience this COVID and have gone through what I did, you would never be able to have a sympathetic heart and mind. Were it not for social media platform, I would have had a serious mental breakdown.
My appeal, begging to one and all is: please respect victims, even if you don’t agree with them politically. I hope the leadership of the PNCR apologise to Mr Nadir, as that apology is for all victims.
Even if there is no apology forthcoming, I ask that Mr Nadir forgive MP Duncan. I know that in every human being there is basic goodness; so, as we continue to fight COVID-19, please, one and all, put aside your differences on this matter and let’s row our boat in the same direction.

God bless to all!
Jerome Khan