LGC aiming to make golf a top-tier sport

“We are seeking to improve the ground and install a driving range,” says Bowling

By Timothy Jaikarran

The game of golf has seen its fair share of changing fortunes in times past, but since the COVID-19 pandemic forced Guyana into some form of a shutdown in March 2020, executives of the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC) have worked tirelessly to keep interest in the sport alive. They have pushed the sport at the club to an all-time high, to the point where they are hosting back-to-back tournaments, as everyone wants to come on board. Thus far, they have, in 2021, hosted approximately 6 tournaments in two months.

Shanella London standing alongside LGC Secretary Chet Bowling after a competition

This publication had the privilege of sitting down with Lusignan Golf Club Secretary Chet Bowling, who noted that two months into golfing and the club has exceeded all expectations. He related that he is proud of the fact that members and sponsors have all stepped up as they have created that atmosphere in which golf enthusiasts can come out and enjoy the game.
Asked about the goals the club has for the future as it pertains to making golf a top tier sport, Bowling said, “First and foremost, it’s about playing golf. And to play golf, you have to have a golf course. The club house, we refer to that as the 19th hole, as, when you are finished playing, the members can come and enjoy themselves, of course abiding by all COVID-19 protocols.
“We all know that people look forward to playing the 19th hole, but, first and foremost, it’s about playing on the lovely ground the club boasts. So, we want to continue to improve the ground status, this being so because we had lots of rain in 2020, and that messed up the ground. To fix this issue, we are engaging patrons, sponsors and other members to come up with a strategy to improve the ground. So, the experience of playing golf is the one that we need.
“We also intend to have a driving range at the club, whereby you can practise some of your shots before you play, as that is a must in any golf club. Those are just two of the short-term goals that we are hoping to achieve in the near future.”
Bowling iterated that the current leadership is inspiring, and the club is looking forward to hosting more tournaments, as this would motivate more members to come out and play. The LGC secretary also said the COVID-19 situation, while it was tough, it has taught them new things, as the members can still enjoy the same atmosphere of golf while following all protocols.
Bowling also boasted of the club house bar staff, as the LGC intends to make its members, whether new or old, feel taken care of, as that is the atmosphere that would aid in the restoration of the camaraderie.
“All these goals and plans we have, but that is not enough, we also intend to make golf grow more as a family event as well, whereby people can bring out the entire family to enjoy the sport.
“We also want to reach out to the schools and teach them the sport as well, even bring them to the club and inspire that camaraderie as we move forward”, Bowling revealed.
He was asked, “What does Guyana need to put golf on that level?” Bowling responded by stating that Guyana needs an international golf course, as even the smallest Caribbean island has a professional golf course.
He went on to explain that his vision for the sport is for the Lusignan Golf Club to become the premiere destination for golf in Guyana and the Caribbean.
In closing, Bowling added: “We want to make it something that Guyanese are proud of. Our current Guyana Champion is from the Lusignan community, as we have so many good golfers coming out from that community. Hence, we want to make the club something that is not only known internationally, but community-driven as well.”