LGE 2023: APNU’s support in strongholds dwindling as party proposes ‘no plans’ for G/T – Jagdeo

…says PPP/C has already secured ‘significant majority’

A bleak turnout in strongholds of the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) this time around for Local Government Elections (LGE) can be linked to their underperformance over the past years, as well as lacking strategies to support their campaign for the future.
General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Bharrat Jagdeo drew these conclusions during his weekly press conference on Thursday, calling it a disappointment.
The General Secretary focused on the APNU’s recent campaign launch in Georgetown, which has been considered a stronghold for decades, highlighting that only 60 persons showed up.
“We actually did a headcount and then, it is not new people. Many were made up of the candidates and people from other regions came and the leadership of the PNC. People in that community, which is a stronghold of the PNC did not really show up to their campaign launch in the city and I wouldn’t blame them,” he stated.
According to him, the APNU failed to share plans for the improvement of the capital city, nor did they focus on their track record while occupying the helm of the Mayor and City Council.
“They didn’t have a single thing to speak about Georgetown. They didn’t tell the people of Georgetown how they were going to improve their lives. This is a Local Government launch and they’re speaking in Georgetown. They didn’t give an account to the people for their track record in the city because they have been managing the city for 57 years. They did not say ‘here’s what we’re going to do if we get re-elected’,” Jagdeo underlined.
The PPP General Secretary concluded that APNU’s reassurances in strongholds that they will win paint a very “scared and worried” picture for the Opposition.
He insisted that ordinary Guyanese are able to discern real plans when political parties rally during elections. When asked whether the PPP/C would have an official launch to its campaign for LGE, Jagdeo responded that the party is already on the ground and reaching out to communities across the country.

The intention of the PPP is to announce tangible plans which can be executed while avoiding acts of selling ‘wild’ promises.
“We’re not going to do big glitzy launches. People have started working. Our instruction is that carry the message to every single home. In the towns, you will see the promises and we’re still working in other areas to make sure that the flyers reflect what could be funded. The last thing we want is a group that is campaigning in the LGE on behalf of the PPP going to make wild suggestions or promises to the people that we can’t deliver.”
While he did not divulge their predictions coming out of the elections, Jagdeo did note that a ‘significant majority’ will be secured.
The current ruling People’s Progressive Party/Civic has already indicated its intention to contest all 610 constituencies in the 80 LAAs across the country. In fact, Jagdeo, had already claimed victory in those areas where the PPP/C is contesting alone.
He had explained previously that the Opposition PNC-led A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) is only contesting 260 of the 610 constituencies, while groups and individuals are contesting, outside of those 260 areas, in another 58 constituencies. This means that APNU and other groups or individuals are contesting in a total of 318 constituencies.
Following the April 17 Nomination Day, GECOM has since approved the List of Candidates for political parties, individuals, or groups who are contesting the June 12 Local Government polls.
GECOM has also announced that there will be no voting in those Local Authority Areas (LAAs) where there is only one contestant approved.
When it comes to Georgetown, Jagdeo had a message for voters on Nomination Day – “Give the party a chance to govern the city properly”.