Lies and deceit

Dear Editor,
I am very saddened, hurt and depressed by some untrue and defamatory statements made by Mr. Mikhail Rodrigues against the Mohammed family.
During my dark days, when I was struggling to survive in Guyana, Mr. Mohamed (Shell) offered me a job at his stall in the Stabroek Market. As the years passed by, a bond of love, trust and respect developed, and Mr. Mohamed took me in as part of his family. I then had food, shelter, nice clothes and a good salary.
To my great surprise and astonishment, Mr. Mohamed went a step further, and I was able to join my brother in Toronto Canada. It was a dream come true. I completed my studies at York University in Toronto, and was able to secure a job as a mathematics teacher in a high school.
That would never have been possible without the kindness and generosity of the Mohamed family, so I just cannot sit quietly and allow Mr Rodrigues to tarnish, defame and hurt the Mohamed family with his bag of lies.
I honestly believe that Mr Rodrigues is looking for attention and publicity, or is just jealous of the success and good reputation of the Mohamed family.

Kadir Bacchus