Lies, damned lies…

…and Granger
Nagamootoo isn’t leaving anything to chance in his drive to have an encore as PM. Even though it’s clear the PNC’s been looking for someone from the Amerindian camp to bring in that constituency – which is more up in the air than the AFC’s, which have landed right back into their traditional parties. Not to mention a bakers’ dozen of new parties fighting to catch the few who haven’t reached ground yet!!
In the opening presented by the breakdown in talks between the AFC and PNC, Nagamootoo used his control of the Chronic to insert an Editorial so simperingly obsequious in buttering up Granger and panning the PPP that even Granger must’ve winced. It ain’t easy maintaining your composure with someone’s nose so far up your nether regions!! The editorial was captioned “Honesty in politics” and for those who would’ve snickered into their morning coffee, it sanctimoniously quoted the French 18th Century philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau on the subject.
“Those who desire to treat politics and morals separately will never understand anything of either.” And “The practice of politics not only can, but must be reconciled with the imperatives of honesty.” Nagamootoo, in his thrust to brownnose Granger, disingenuously ignored the philosopher who guided Granger’s self-confessed mentor – Burnham – who boasted gleefully that he harked to the philosophy of Machiavelli.
And what does Machiavelli say about “honesty”? “A wise leader cannot, nor ought he to, keep his promises when such observance would place him at a disadvantage, and when the reasons for which he gave his word no longer exist.” But he doesn’t run around announcing his dishonesty: “Occasionally words must serve to veil the facts. But let this happen in such a way that no one become aware of it; or, if it should be noticed, excuses must be at hand to be produced immediately.”
Take, for example, Granger’s WRITTEN Cummingsburg promises to boost Nagamootoo’s PM position: to chair Cabinet or to accept constitutional change to reduce his powers and pass some off to Nagamootoo. As soon as he was elected, he didn’t just tell Nagamootoo that he lied; he said the Constitution didn’t permit the first arrangement and folks needed to be consulted on the second!! Machiavelli to the bone!!
But just as pertinently, Granger relied on Machiavelli’s advice to know in advance how Nagamootoo would react. “Men are so simple, and so subject to prone to be won over by necessities, that a deceiver will always find someone who is willing to be deceived.” Nagamootoo’s “necessities” are those outriders, the salary, and the upcoming pension!
The man is so avaricious he stabbed Ramjattan, who brought him into the AFC, in the back!!

Explaining the rift between the AFC and PNC, Chairwoman Volda Lawrence pointed out: “We are no longer at the embryonic stage of the relationship, rather one would term us as duly married.” Anyone reading the daily newspapers would have no doubt about that!! Who could fail to see the parallels between the epidemic-level domestic abuse and the abuse the PNC has inflicted on the AFC??
The PNC had promised the AFC the moon and the stars just before the marriage. Look how they held hands and danced on stage during the courtship campaign!! But as soon as the marriage was consummated at the polls, the pre-nup agreement was thrown overboard!! The AFC had to cook and clean in the Ministries, but were never consulted on what was to be done!! Sounds familiar?
So now comes the clichéd ending: the PNC’s eyeing up a new, younger “thing”. And the AFC threatens “divorce”.
But they’re worrying, will they be able to live in the style they’ve become accustomed to?
They’ll stay in a ménage à trois!!

…and the odd man out
From the start of the above-mentioned marriage, the PNC had noted, “Yon Khemraj doth have a mean and hungry look”!! It didn’t help that his “cooking and cleaning” at Public Security sucked!
Off with his head!!