…after the flood
OK…OK… your Eyewitness concedes it may be a tad premature to speak about life after the flood. But he knows from his Sunday School catechisms that even after the great flood of Noah, the waters had to recede. And as a matter of fact, he’s aware that Noah didn’t wait till that blessed moment to make plans on survival: he built that Ark and stocked it with animals to ensure the continuity of life. And the Great Flood of Genesis mightn’t be such a hyperbolic metaphor to describe our plight – since the meteorological crystal balls are predicting that our rains will extend into August!!
But what lots of folks gloss over when talking about Noah’s flood, is that a whole lotta plants and animals had to have perished under the deluge. And that’s what we’ll first have to confront in Guyana. Already we heard about scads of cattle perishing out in Kokerite Savannah in Berbice and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Cattle in the Rupununi? Chickens in Black Bush? Can you imagine what happened to all the other smaller animals like rats that live in the ground and underbrush of the thousands of square miles that are under water?
The carcasses of these dead animals, of course, will lead to all sorts of water-borne diseases infecting the already beleaguered and hapless residents battling the rising waters. In the 2005 floods that were restricted to the coastland – and thus more heavily reported on – leptospirosis that spread from rats became a new killer disease. Then of course, there will be the bacterial-and- other germ-caused diseases that will inflict those persons who’re forced to be immersed up to their chins for hours at a stretch in the putrid waters.
The point of it all is that there will have will have to be one big cleanup after the waters recede. This is number one. After that? NOTHING!! That’s right…absolutely nothing will be done!! Your Eyewitness predicts everyone will go back to doing EXACTLY what they were doing before…just like after 2005. Forget all the talk about moving inland, building houses on higher stilts or foundations, cleaning canals, enforcing laws on dumping garbage etc etc. All the talk we heard -and are continuing to hear – about the aforementioned is just that: TALK!! Which, apart from adding to global warming with the hot air spewed, will never get translated into action.
So what will life be after the flood? The same life and death struggle between the political parties – led by the PNC, which will never accept it lost the elections – come hell or high water.
We’re in the midst of the “high water” and the PNC is girding its loins to give us the “hell”!

…with the PNC narratives
Yes…the PNC doesn’t have a “narrative” – singular – but any number of “narratives” from the various factions jostling to displace Granger and the Corbin faction that foisted the Sanctimonious Gangster on them. When he was preening around town with his vacuous smile and dropping on his knees at the drop of a hat, he was declared to be a “strategic genius” who’d establish an thousand-year Wakanda in its Caribbean Lebensraum!
But after he was ignominiously voted out by the people at the polls – and booted out by the international community when he tried to do a “Burnham rig”, he’s every former PNC myrmidon’s favourite punching bag! The common wail is that he didn’t stare down the US and the West – as they like to believe Burnham did back in the day. They feign amnesia on Jagan’s inability to be as politically adroit and pragmatic as his present successors!
One young stripling is calling for a local Idi Amin!!

…with Covid 19
After witnessing the ebb and flow of the ever-mutating COVID19 virus returning in “waves” – some becoming “tsunamis” like in US and China – folks are finally realizing we’ll be dealing with this threat for a long time!