Linden Mayor urges GRA to “pause” crackdown on errant businesses 

linden Mayor Carwyn Holland has called on the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to put a hold on a current crackdown which targets non-compliant businesses in the mining town.

Holland said the call followed a meeting on Wednesday with members of the Linden business community.

At the meeting, businessmen complained that the GRA exercise was being conducted “without any warning”.

“The business owners acknowledged their error in not being in compliance, but expressed their willingness to be fully compliant. They argued that they faced difficulties in getting the required documents and would welcome any initiative to ease the difficult process,” Holland said.

The Mayor acknowledged the need for better and timely dispatch of notices to residents of Linden, while stating that the GRA campaign had affected the local economy as many shops closed their doors in fear of their goods being confiscated.

Business owners were advised to comply with the GRA’s requirements and get the necessary documentation from the Mayor and Town Council in order to facilitate their compliance.

Mayor Holland stated that he held discussions with the Commissioner General of the GRA, Ingrid Griffith in an effort to give some time for the businesses to comply.

A  GRA team is expected to be visiting the mining town on Wednesday to meet with the Mayor and other leaders in the town to rectify the situation.

Already, a number of businesses have commenced the process of ensuring compliance with GRA requirements, with the assistance of the Mayor and Town Council.