Linden miner busted with 14,900 grams of ganja

A 55-year-old miner of Victory Valley in Wismar, Linden, was on Sunday busted with 14,900 grams of suspected cannabis when ranks from the Ituni Police Station were on patrol.

The suspected cannabis

The ranks, led by a Corporal, were on patrol within the vicinity of the Ituni Police Station at about 21:45h when they stopped motor car PRR 4322, owned and driven by the 55-year-old man.
The ranks then searched the man and the motor vehicle. A search of the vehicle’s trunk unearthed a black garbage bag containing six bulky parcels with a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.
The 55-year-old man, under caution, reportedly told the ranks, “Officer, is a man tell me about de hustle, and I pick it up.”
When weighed, the cannabis amounted to 14,900 grams. He was placed into custody pending charges. (G12)