Linden woman beaten to death by husband over theft of $500

Dead: Bibi Shirah Bhagpattie

Hours after being beaten by her reputed husband for allegedly stealing money, a 53-year-old woman was found lying motionless on a bed in her home at Amelia’s Ward, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).
Dead is Bibi Shirah Bhagpattie, of Block 42 Amelia’s Ward, Linden. Her companion, a 55-year-old farmer, has since confessed to beating the woman.
Police have said that the suspect and victim would normally have domestic problems, thus resulting in him frequently assaulting her. However, on Tuesday, at about 13:00h, the suspect and the victim had had a misunderstanding after he had accused her of removing $500 from his pants pocket, unknown to him, to purchase alcohol.
Upon enquiring from her, a heated argument reportedly ensued between them, during which the victim ‘chucked’ the suspect to his chest.
This angered the suspect, and in retaliation, he dealt the woman one slap and one cuff to her face, causing her to receive injuries.
The injured woman left their home and went to her relatives, where she told them what had transpired. She later returned to her Amelia’s Ward home; and on the following day, the suspect contacted one of the woman’s relatives and informed her that she was motionless.
Without hesitation, the relative went over to the house, where she observed the woman lying on her back, half-naked, with a towel wrapped around her. Other relatives were immediately alerted, and the matter was reported to the Police.
The woman’s body was examined, and her face was ‘black and blue’ and swollen.
A post-mortem is expected to be conducted on Friday. The suspect was arrested and he is assisting with investigations.