Lindeners have embraced COVID-19 relief cash grant

Dear Editor,
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and people are forced to stay at home, workers are losing their jobs, healthcare systems are being stressed, local businesses are at risk of closing permanently, and the country is bracing for recession.
The crisis has laid bare the inequities and injustices that threaten people’s well-being, safety, and lives. Amidst these uncertain and challenging times, we are asking and answering: How can the nation respond in the short term to keep all people safe and the economy afloat?
The PPP/C Administration has stepped to the plate and answered the question for residents of Region #10 with the launching of the Government’s COVID-19 relief and support programme $25,000 Household Grant. Lindeners have embraced the $25,000 COVID-19 relief cash grant launching, which has provided more for as many residents, with financial assistance for rent, food and utilities during the ongoing pandemic.
This is so clear to all that the Government of Guyana cannot leave this vulnerable population of Region #10 to face this hardship on their own, and our President, Dr Irfaan Ali, knows that especially in times of collective concern, we must come together to protect those who are unable to protect themselves.
Thousands of people are still unable to pay for basic necessities, including rent, utilities and food, with fears of hunger, homelessness and certain hopelessness on the rise for many communities in this vulnerable region. We need this Government support more than ever. Together, we can overcome! Together, we are stronger. Big or small, every effort this Government made in our region must count, and it will all have a great impact on someone’s life.
The $25,000 Household Grant has provided Region #10’s economy with a financial boost across the various communities. Residents of Region #10 applaud this initiative by the Government of Guyana to distribute a $25,000 COVID-19 relief package per household across the country. This pandemic has resulted in economic turmoil for a number of persons, as social distancing and stay-at-home protocols have led to many citizens being unable to work. It is evident that the $25,000 have enabled a remarkable economic rebound over the past week in Region #10, with a clear path to full economic recovery in the long run with the programmes our Government is working on behind-the-scene to stimulate Region #10 and restore consumer confidence.
It is high time that, during these difficult times, we set aside our differences and come together, unite, be as one. If not now, when? If not you, then who? You can be that positive change you have been waiting to see in our communities. Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. This, too, shall pass, and in the end, there’s a bright light waiting for all of us at the end of this dark tunnel.

David Adams