Lions Club to host 2-day dominoes tournament

The Lions Club of Bel Air, in collaboration with Beepat & Son (Supligen Brand), will be holding a Two-Day Fund Raising Dominoes Tournament on the lawns of the Lions Club of Bel Air, Georgetown March 25-26.
The competition consists of mixed teams representing the Lions coming up against teams from the Georgetown Dominoes Association. dominoes_012813_002_1074047
Thirty-two teams are expected to participate in the tournament, with 20 of them already confirmed.
These are: Killers Boys, Masters, All Season, Thunders, F&H Supremes, Frankies, Spartans, Transport, Police, Upper Level, Scramblers, GGMC, Strikers, Impressers, Lions A, Lions B, Freddie’s 6, NIS, Sheriff Street Swagga and Ray’s One Stop.