“Listen to the voice inside of you”

– Divine Ross, founder of Alpha Zest Empire

The young entrepreneur, cricketer and aspiring lawyer, Divine Alana Ross

In a world filled with voices dictating paths, Divine Alana Ross stands tall, and she is urging everyone to “listen to the inner voice within”.
At 20 years old, Divine embodies the essence of determination, ambition, and versatility as she weaves her journey through academia, entrepreneurship, and sports.
Currently a final-year International Relations student at the University of Guyana, she aspires to become an attorney-at-Law. However, her journey is far from conventional.
“Listen to the voice inside of you, and not the voices around you,” she emphasised while reflecting on how cricket played a pivotal role in completing her secondary education.

Customized t-shirt offered by the young entrepreneur

Divine’s entrepreneurial spirit led to the establishment of Alpha Zest Empire. Starting as a sports gear store, it evolved into a dynamic business offering personalized items such as t-shirts, cups, and plaques.
Her resilience and resourcefulness shine through, especially considering the initial absence of funding.
“I knew that knowledge is priceless,” says Divine in recounting her participation in programmes such as AWE and WINN. These experiences have fuelled the formation of Alpha Zest, proving her with such determination and applied knowledge that financial constraints couldn’t limit her dreams.
“With no job and no money, I was able to start this business with the support of a few persons. I dedicated my time and efforts to the growth and formation of this business. Although I had wished, some way or the other, I had received some sort of funding, I knew that knowledge is priceless, and if applied correctly, then wonders will happen. Therefore, having no access to funding opportunities wasn’t going to put limitations on my dreams. I understood that this is my life, my dream and my reality, and it is my responsibility to make it happen.”
Based in Essequibo, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), Alpha Zest Empire not only sells quality products, but also symbolizes Divine’s unwavering commitment to her community. With pick-up locations in Georgetown and convenient delivery options, she ensures her brand reaches far and wide.

Customized cups done at Alpha Zest Empire

Balancing a full-time job, rigorous studies, cricket, and managing her business, Ross acknowledges the challenges; yet, her connection to Samuel Medas’s song ‘Balance’ reflects the depth of her struggle and determination.
“Many nights I cried…I had many sleepless nights,” she admits, but her vision propelled her forward.
With Valentine’s Day approaching, Ross is gearing up to launch a new venture, offering personalized printing at affordable prices. These can be done on cards, t-shirts, cups and other items associated with Valentine’s Day.
Her commitment to providing quality products and services remains unwavering, and she expresses heartfelt gratitude to those who support Alpha Zest Empire.