Local entrepreneur launches human hair collection

Driven by her daily affirmation “growth and comfort do not coexist”, 31-year-old Deon Glasgow, a nail technician, took a leap of faith into the hair care and hair supply industry.

“Bundles N Glow” logo

In 2018, not allowing fear to keep her from exploring new fields, Glasgow founded her second business “Bundles n Glow”.
Her venture initially begun with her very own human hair collection and expanded into her own product line. Her hair collection includes Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian and Indian hair types.
“I stock different textures such as curly, straight, body wave, deep wave and even water wave. My bundles range from eight inches to 30 inches in length,” Glasgow explained.

Lace tint with swatches

She noted that as she began her venture, many persons were curious about her quality but after purchasing the items, their concerns were silenced.
“When I first started, many people questioned the quality of my hair but after they purchased, they realised its value. I stock 9A grade and 10A grade hair so they are thick, soft and have little to no shedding.” she posited.

Lace glue and glue remover

Glasgow highlighted that her bundles are durable and have a long life span.
“These bundles last a long while. You can style them with heat, bleach them and even colour them and they won’t lose their silkiness and shine,” she added.
After building a customer base and noticing the extent of her sales, she decided to launch her own hair care product line.

From left to right: Hair mousse, edge control, wax stick and hair oil

“I was happy with the response I am receiving and I felt hopeful for my business but at the same time, I kept thinking what more can I add to my business. I thought about it for a while and then I realised there’s no better way to compliment my hair collection than creating my own products to go with them,” she explained.
Glasgow, with a drive to expand her business, launched her own care line in January 2020. The line consisted of her hair glue, glue remover, hair mousse, edge control, wax stick and hair oil. She explained that in efforts get honest reviews on her products she distributed some of her items to Guyanese stylists and received tremendous support.
“I decided to send a few local hairdressers my products and they used them and reposted on social media and gave their feedback. They loved the products and used them on their customers. It was so heartwarming to see other women supporting me,” she expressed
She further explained that she promoted her products and from there, customers purchased her products not only for salons but also for at-home use.
This gave her an even further boost and in August 2020 she introduced a new product to her line; her permanent lace tint.
“Lace tint is used to colour the lace of wigs, closures and frontals. My lace tint comes in four colours to suit every complexion. It gives that flawless finish to your wig,” she added.
Glasgow expressed that she is proud of how far she has come and thanked all her customers and local stylists for their unwavering support. She encouraged young people to explore the market and options of branding their own items.
“I’ve come a long way and I’m proud, but I couldn’t have done it without my customers and support from other amazing businesswomen. Sometimes you can surprise yourself when you execute your dreams. That’s why I always tell youths, girls especially, to venture out and don’t be afraid to create your own.”
“I have so much more in store and I just can’t wait to make my plans and goals come to life.”
More of Glasgow’s products can be seen on her business’s Instagram page “Bundles n Glow” or at her storefront stall at 16-17 Orange Walk, Bourda.