Locals can now register with Govt to benefit directly from oil & gas sector

…following operationalising of Local Content Registry

Workers in the oil and gas sector

With last week’s operationalising of the Local Content Registry, locals can now register their businesses and their individual skill sets, with a view of providing services to Guyana’s oil and gas sector while taking up local opportunities.
According to the Natural Resources Ministry, locals can now register in either of two registers, which are being managed through the Ministry. One register deals with supplier registration and the other deals with employment registration.
“The Government of Guyana, through the Ministry of Natural Resources, has operationalised its Local Content Registry as stipulated by the Local Content Act. This Act, which was made into law in December 2021, mandates the Local Content Secretariat to develop and maintain Local Content Registers of Guyanese nationals for employment; and Guyanese nationals and companies from which goods and services may be procured.”
“Using the Supplier Registration Portal, a Guyanese national or Guyanese company can apply for and be issued with a Certificate of Registration from the Secretariat for the supply of goods and or the provision of services for petroleum operations in Guyana,” the Ministry further explained.
Applicants have the option of submitting their applications in either electronic or hardcopy form. Once their applications are submitted, applicants will receive an acknowledgement of receipt and a reference number, after which a review process will start.
“After conducting the necessary checks and balances, the Secretariat will either approve the application and issue a Certificate of Registration or refuse the application and notify the applicant,” they noted.
“Once an application is approved and a Certificate of Registration granted, the applicant will be issued with log in credentials to gain access to either the Supplier Registration Portal or the Employment Portal,” the Ministry further explained.
It was noted that the Local Content Secretariat will communicate available procurement and employment opportunities to registered Guyanese suppliers and those seeking employment, respectively. This, they noted, will be done through the respective portals.
According to the Local Content Act passed last year, oil and gas companies operating in Guyana, as well their contractors and sub-contractors must procure from Guyanese companies by the end of 2022, 90 per cent of office space rental and accommodation services; 90 per cent janitorial services, laundry and catering services; 95 per cent pest control services; 100 per cent local insurance services; 75 per cent local supply of food; and 90 per cent local accounting services. These are just some of the 40 different services outlined in the first schedule.
Previously, a portal for registering locals existed in the Centre for Local Business Development (CLBD). As of last year, it had been reported that CLBD had over 2700 local businesses registered in its database.
The CLDB was set up in 2017 by ExxonMobil, in collaboration with DAI Global, LLC, to assist small and medium-sized local businesses to build their capacity and their ability to compete to offer services in the oil and gas sector and other industries.
When it was set up, the Centre was expected to focus on developing local vendors that serve key sectors of the oil and gas industry, including areas such as safety equipment, marine operations, offshore supply and civil construction. It was also supposed to provide mentoring, coaching, and access to financial support. (G3)