“Long time gone, short time leff”

Dear Editor,
The PNCR has to get rid of Mr David Granger from its leadership and fast if it wants to be part of any winning team in the future. The PNCR, even if it re-invented itself as APNU or SAPNU, will never win elections once it continues to embrace an ideologically bankrupt leader like Mr Granger, who has now earned the reputation as the “do-nothing President”. He has done more harm to national unity than any other President of Guyana. He has done more harm to our economy that can only be compared with Forbes Burnham. He has done more harm to our nation’s social wellbeing than any other President of Guyana. When all the indicators of human development are considered, Mr David Granger has the public record as being the most incompetent and lethargic President of Guyana.
Concerning his policy paralysis, one only has to look at the 2018 Auditor General Report and you shall find many examples of his ability to sit on top of machinery that is absolutely dishonest, undedicated to Guyana, indecent, and weak. Yet, Mr Granger was unable to reign in these plunderers and squanderers who have further indebted this nation to the point that as soon as a child is born, he or she is given debt by Team Granger of approximately half of a million “bucks”. It begs the question: was he involved in the plunder and squander?
The table below is a reflection of the cash deficit in the nation from 2015 to 2019, as sourced from the Auditor General Reports and the Bank of Guyana Reports. It is further clarified by the graph, which shows the runaway expenditure under Mr Granger:
The trend is clear! Mr Granger led a team that has expanded the current and capital expenditure of this nation by G$75 billion since he arrived in May 2015 and we have very little to show for it. The aggregate of all his spending totals more than G$1.4 trillion. But yet, when I looked around Guyana, I struggle to find the evidence of this spending. The big question is – what do we have to show for this spending?
So irrespective of what Mr Granger tells you, his track record is all we have to judge him on and the evidence is clear – his presidential performance is the worse in all of Guyana’s history. But despite his gross incompetence, he continues to push his pieties into the void as if he has injected no harm into the lives of the Guyanese people. Every day, the DPI propagandists continue to spew misinformation on his debauched performance as chief executive of this nation. Their excuse is so infantile and it goes like this: he is a public policy failure because of “someone else’s fault”. How absurd!
Mr Granger clearly remained unschooled to the principle that the buck stops at the desk of the boss and he is the boss of the Government. So why are we paying him a package of more than G$25 million a year plus benefits? To sleep before 7 PM every night? I remember people like Dr Cheddi Jagan’s 16-hour days as President. The people are not paying you to sleep. On this note, I am calling on all of Guyana to observe this lackadaisical and lethargic Granger performance and take the opportunity on March 2, 2020, to bury this attitude of mind that is grounded in gross public laziness once and for all.
In the final analysis, Mr David Granger used and abused Guyana. But a man of integrity that is dedicated to Guyana, that is decent, that is strong would have recognised his limitation and would have handed over the affairs of state to a more abled person who at least could have tried to do a better job of making the right turn. But as the elders say – “long time gone, short time leff”.

Sasenarine Singh