Looking back in anger…

…and border security
For years, your Eyewitness – along with the Government – has been railing about the destruction of our nation by drugs and guns smuggled into the country across our border with Brasilia and Venezuela. Well, your Eyewitness can rail…but isn’t the Government supposed to take action?
Your Eyewitness’s suggestion – you can’t just bitch and moan, can you? – was to post our GDF to our border regions rather than have them loll around near our seawall at Camp Ayanganna and near the airport at Camp Stephenson. And in any case, isn’t the military threat our GDF’s supposed to repel from Venezuela? But it was like pouring water on a duck’s back.
Your Eyewitness assumed the PPP was just scared stiff about messing with the GDF’s fixed ways. We don’t have to go into the whys and wherefores, do we? But this APNU/AFC Government flaunted its military linkages to get elected. Yet while hiring every veteran still remaining in Guyana – and a good number who didn’t – sending the GDF to the borders doesn’t seem to’ve entered their minds.
So what was the GDF to be doing? Well, now we know. Remember how the Ministry of Public Health facilitated a whole new pharmaceutical warehouse – at a cost of 0 million – just in case the Govt Pharma Warehouse at Diamond spontaneously ignited? Well, because this is much more important, the GDF’s been headquartered at Camp Ayanganna for the past FIFTY years just in case the Office of the President needed repairs.
This is what military people are supposed to do because they receive constant training in these matters in military colleges in the States and UK, etc. It’s called Strategic Planning – and while you may suppose that only deals with possibilities of attacks from foreign forces and all that…it’s more than that.
But seriously, Dear Readers, your Eyewitness just read one of the most ridiculous reports in years. Returning from a Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) meet with the US, Public Security Minister Ramjattan announced we’d be getting assistance from the latter for Border Security. His words:
“We told them that we would like to have surveillance equipment. If it is not going to be airplanes, drones that could go a good hundred miles and come back and be at some command centre. They have other technologies that I am not too savvy about that they can probably utilise through satellite imagery.”
So this is what our military braintrust’s been waiting for? Couldn’t they’ve at least briefed this Yahoo about border surveillance to make him “savvy”??
The GDF will still have to be border deployed to intercept the detected targets!

…at the PPP
It seems all the goading by the spit press and the bloodhounds on the sidelines have paid off and the APNU/AFC is ready to go after the PPP in the courts. Or so it seems. After sole sourcing 3 million worth of audits – forensic or otherwise – and getting the condemnations they wanted (Surprise! Surprise! ), the natives were getting restless! They’d shelled out serious money to put them in place, no? (Remember FUCOP? (Funding a United Candidate for Opposition Presidency)
But surely that couldn’t be all. After all, FUCOP members’ gotten back their investment and more’s coming down the pike. Breaking Wind Farm, anyone? More likely, the threat of prosecution is a misdirection play to take people’s attention from all the scandals by big ones in their administration. But even here, the Government’s screwing up.
Do they really want to go down the road of who were allowed to buy house lots at Government-developed housing schemes and at what price?
Let’s just check out Republic Park behind Bagotstown, on the EBD…

…and traducing the Constitution
But to pull off the misdirection stunt, the Executive’s crossing the Constitutional line to directly order the Police to initiate the prosecutions.
If they feel the DPP’s compromised, there’s a constitutional provision to deal with that.