Looking forward to the productive, non-corruptive works of Bartica council

Dear Editor,
The Bartica United Youth Development Group (BUYDG) will like to congregate Gifford Marshall, who was the only nominee that was elected Mayor and Kamal Persaud, who was also the only nominee, duly elected Deputy Mayor the BUYDG also congratulate the councillors.
For the first time Bartica has a Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Bartica recently gained township status.
The BUYDG encourages the Mayer, Deputy Mayer and all the councillors to work to the best of their ability in the interest of Bartica in a productive and non-corruptive manner so that Bartica can move from where it is to a very high level. BUYDG believes Bartica has a long way to go as it relates to general development.
Bartica and Region Seven in general, should have been the most developed community in Guyana since the Region is one of the highest and main tax contributor that contributes 50% of the revenue that goes to the treasury of Guyana.
As such money should not just be generated and produced from the resources of Region Seven and go out of Bartica to develop the other regions in Guyana but a lot of the money generated in Bartica should be used to enhance greater development in Region Seven.
The residents of Bartica voted on March 18, 2016 for general development, transparency and proper accountability, etc. The APNU+AFC Government just as it did in the General and Regional Elections again won the majority of votes cast by the resident, as such the BUYDG will be holding all of the persons elected accountable in Bartica/Region7. Not forgetting that the same persons elected took an Oath to serve the resident of Bartica.
The BUYDG’s great hope is that the Mayor and Councillors will address the concerns of residents on the spot, and will not operate by remote control that is used by central government since they won under the umbrella of APUN+AFC.

Yours faithfully,
Micah Williams
General President
Bartica United Youth Development Group