Looking into …the post-1997 killings

The UN Human Rights Commission – receiving complaints from the Opposition elements and their allies who’ve been harping on the subject for years – has asked the Guyana Government to establish a COI into the killings between 2002 and 2006. VP Jagdeo responded that the Government has no problem with that, and will go ahead. Hopefully, this will be done before the next elections, so the Government gotta get a move on, pronto!!
Cause the same Opposition that’s been bitching and moaning about the killings – which in their polemics grew from “hundreds” into “thousands of Black youths killed extrajudicially” – had been promised one by Granger before, and when he was president!! Seems that the victims of the gangs from other groups didn’t count. At that time, Granger was going on about the killings from 2000 to 2010, but all he did was to appoint one COI in 2018 into a specific massacre of eight miners at Lindo Creek up in Reg 10 in June 2008. The one-man COI in the person of Raphael Trotman’s father was disappointing to the still grieving relatives, since no killers were identified, and only compensation to them was proposed. Reminded that he’d promised an earlier starting point, Granger cryptically said, “We are not going backwards, we are going forward”!! What was he afraid of?
At that time, the PPP – in the person of then Opposition Leader Jagdeo – had insisted that there should be one overarching COI, starting from 1998 when 30 Indian Guyanese were killed while the PNC violently protested the results of the Dec 1997 elections, and mass mayhem broke out in Georgetown and on the East Coast in Opposition strongholds with the intensification of the PNC’s “slow fyaah; mo fyaah” strategy! In 2001, for instance, a father, his 11-year-old son and another man were murdered aback of Buxton because, it was alleged, they’d stumbled across a camp where a GDF officer was training locals for an uprising.
The 2002 jailbreak that’s now being touted as a starting point of the inquiry is merely one episode in a seamless web of opposition violence that was intended to remove the PPP from office, as had been done in the 1960s. That wave of terroristic attacks on innocent civilians – purportedly PPP supporters because of their ethnicity – and its counter action by “phantom forces” extended to 2008, when the Fineman Gang – one of the major Buxton-based gangs – was taken out by security forces. By then, in addition to the Lindo Creek massacre, there were massacres at Agricola, Bagotstown-Eccles, Bartica, Bourda, Campbellville, Kitty, Lamaha Gardens, Lusignan, and elsewhere!!
In addition to the number of persons murdered, we must identify the mastermind – as the Rodney COI identified Burnham.

…elections’ rigging
Your Eyewitness wants to know what’s really going on – going down?? – with the case in the magistrate court dealing with those miscreants who attempted to steal our right to choose our leaders in elections. The case – which was filed since 2020 – is before Magistrate Leron Daly, but last month she referred a request from the defence team, for copies of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) minutes, to the High Court for “constitutional considerations”!!
As the State’s Special Prosecutor noted, this move wouldn’t help the defence case, and is simply a delaying tactic!! Prior to this year, magistrate after magistrate had asked to be recused from hearing the case, resulting in the AG throwing up his hands in disgust and the DPP resorting to writing the Chancellor that the issue must be settled. And then Magistrate Daly was assigned.
It’s imperative this matter be also settled before next year’s elections – since the Opposition is increasing its crescendo of claims that it was the PPP that actually rigged the elections!!

The President read the Riot Act to all responsible for the electricity sector –– and demanded they fix whatever’s broken – and quick!! He knows that this could be the deciding issue in 2025 – since it affects every voter!!