Lowenfield is in contempt of court and must be removed

Dear Editor,
The commencement of a House-to-House Registration exercise by GECOM is a contemptuous matter. It was clearly done on the political directives and based on the advice of an illegally appointed Chairman of the Elections Commission. In that regard, this latest action is null and void and is of no effect. It must be stopped now.
It further notes that this is a blatant violation of the laws of the State called Guyana and a total disregard for the CCJ’s ruling on the matter. The Opposition Leader is now duty-bound to file contempt of court proceedings against the Chief Elections Officer, Lowenfield, effected by his instant incarceration and removal. This is the way forward.
We cannot continue on a path of top officials paying scant regard for law and order in this country. Persons in high office must respect the Constitution. The Elections Commission rightly stands as the custodian of the democratic process in Guyana, so positioned to hold and conduct elections in a free and fair manner, therefore, for an official, especially in the position of the Chief Elections Officer to act in such a bias and partisan manner, it means that our democracy is under siege. It goes even further that the rigging of elections, which is such a curse brought on this nation by the PNC, is real and ever before us.
Guyana has to return to the fold of democratic nations and the time is now.

Neil Adams