MACORP introduces technicians for the Caribbean online training

Persons desirous of having a career in the technical field will now have a free opportunity to do so, as Machinery Corporation of Guyana Limited (MACORP) on Friday launched a world accredited online training programme, Technicians for the Caribbean.

CEO of MACORP, Guillermo Escarraga (centre) with other officials and stakeholders

The training, which can be accessed through any internet-connected device, was made possible through a partnership with the Caterpillar brand, enabling persons to acquire a technician’s certificate that is internationally recognised.
Speaking at the launching ceremony, Human Resources Manager, Anita Rampersad explained that the introduction of this programme to Guyana is timely, as, in the coming years, the country will demand vast human resources in the technical field.
“In the direction Guyana is heading, I think that there is never going to be a question of what to do with the skill but how to find the people that will sustain the industries that are obviously going to come on board in the next few years,” she said.
Rampersad stated that in the mechanical industry, there is always a high demand for persons who are well trained and skilled in their respective fields. In most cases, the only way to find such people is by offering the requisite training. She emphasised that technicians are always needed since many problems arise in a working environment, thus requiring effective and reliable solutions.
“In the industry that we serve, it is highly specialised and technical and calls for a set of skills that unless we don’t develop them ourselves, they don’t just come to us. With the way the economy has been fluctuating there are times when there is excess demand for skill and then there is time when you don’t know what to do with the skill that you have,” Rampersad stated.
Meanwhile, Chief Executive Officer of MACORP, Guillermo Escarraga pointed out that the organisation has physically trained some 400 technicians over the years. It has been 25 years since MACORP established operations in Guyana, offering employment to scores of persons.
“At the end of this programme, every single student will receive a certification of completion. This certification is valid throughout the world. If you have one of this certification, you can go anywhere in the world. Hopefully, those that complete this programme will stay in the region and in Guyana,” said Escarraga.
He added, “Now is the time. We have been talking about Guyana developing and opportunity and potential but we have not materialised. This is the time. MACORP has played an integral role in the development of a skilled workforce”.
The online training is the first of its kind in the world and can be completed in just a few months. There are different levels which can be pursued for further advancements in the technical field.