Mahaicony Hospital to be upgraded

…to serve as premier health institution in Region 5

Efforts are being made to upgrade the Mahaicony Hospital to become a leading health institution in Region Five (Mahaica-Berbice). The region’s health department has already made a proposal to the Ministry of Finance for funding in the 2021 National Budget.

Works ongoing at the new A&E Department on Wednesday

Regional Health Officer Dr Desmond Nicholson on Wednesday said the Region Five Health Department is seeking the establishment of Emergency Medical Service in that region as part of its major projects being proposed for 2021.
“…we managed to procure two land ambulances in 2020 budget, and we are asking for two more land ambulances in 2021. Additionally, we are looking to employ suitably qualified persons to fill the positions as EMTs, and we are also looking to purchase the necessary equipment that these persons will have to use to ensure that they are doing their job effectively and competently,” Dr Nicholson said.

Regional Health Officer
Dr Desmond Nicholson

Already, he said, the Mahaicony Hospital’s emergency room capacity has been increased from two beds to eight beds, with five recliners added.
“So we have increased the capacity at the Mahaicony Hospital in terms of emergency. We are working to get the theatres back on track. We have purchased some equipment this year, such as theater operating lights, theatre operating tables, electrosurgical instruments and other instruments that are necessary for the execution and completion of surgical procedures. So we are well on our way to seeing, in 2021, the Mahaicony Hospital moving from a Cottage Hospital to a regional hospital,” Nicholson added.
Meanwhile, the Number 28 Health Post is also to be upgraded to become a Health Centre, to be able to deliver primary health care.
Speaking of plans being proposed for 2021, Dr Nicholson explained that a boat and engine are also on the table for Moraikobai.
This year, a water ambulance was purchased for that Amerindian community, which is located 90 miles up the Mahaicony River.
“We also believe that in spite of having the water ambulance, it is necessary for us to have a health boat. We have been without a boat for some time. We will have to transport medical supplies, medicines, and health workers will have to go into Moraikobai on outreaches. So it is necessary for us to have another means of transportation.”
Among the other projects being requested by the Health Department in Region Five for healthcare delivery in 2021 is a health post at lower Moraikobai.
Meanwhile, efforts are also being made to improve the region’s waste management service, and funding is being proposed in the 2021 budget. According to Nicholson, this year, Health Service was able to purchase new incinerators for both the Mahaicony and Fort Wellington hospitals.
“These are incinerators that are capable of safely disposing of sharps as well as noninfectious waste,” he explained. (Andrew Carmichael)