Major transactions after the NCM are fraudulent, null and void

Dear Editor,
All major transactions conducted by this PNC-led coalition Government after the successful passage of the No-Confidence Motion are fraudulent and considered null and void.
Even if those transactions were Cabinet decisions, they nonetheless constitute a fraud on this nation and I hasten to say all of those land deals will be at the investigation and recovery of the State Assets Recovery Agency. It is the mistaken belief in some quarters that because these are Cabinet decisions those land deals are binding on succeeding governments.
Well, they are ever so wrong because no deal, business or otherwise, conducted after the No-Confidence Motion will stand, this a fraud perpetrated at the highest level which will see recovery at the detriment of the beneficiaries.
The State Assets Recovery Agency will be in full mode to recover those stolen assets, this Government cannot wantonly break the law and expect us to be cheerleaders for them. It also means that the benefactors of these corrupt deals must kiss those sweet assets goodbye. It is as simple as that, end of discussion.
For some strange unexplained reason, Mr Granger believes that this country is his private domain for him to do as he pleases. He has turned up his nose on the law some six months now and is presently in the process of a brazen sellout of our prime resources to his friends. This is corruption at its highest if you have ever seen one.
So, I hasten to tell Mr Granger that Guyana is not his private property and we are not for sale. Your actions have not gone unnoticed and there will be consequences for those gross violations of our laws. There will be consequences for your transgressions.
Some time ago, Kaieteur News used to carry a section captioned “Heist of Guyana” I wonder what they are saying now that thousands of acres of prime lands were given away to PNC friends and associates? I wonder what are their thoughts now seeing everything is in the spotlight with verifiable and damnable evidence. I see Adam Harris in his usual apologetic role, trying desperately to make out a case for Granger’s actions by making the Opposition Leader’s claims to be a racial one. Well, I must tell this learned gentleman that it is not any of what he is insinuating, but what we have witnessed this past week was a clear case of a Government’s crass disrespect for the laws of this country and nothing else.
This type of behaviour is symptomatic of the old dictatorial PNC party which should not be allowed to flourish here. We say down with dictatorial and illegal governments.

Neil Adams