Major transformational projects announced by President Ali for Region 6

…new int’l stadium, modern hotels among massive economic plans

Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) will in the coming years undergo a period of massive economic and infrastructural transformation, President Dr Irfaan Ali announced on Monday during an outreach to the ancient county.
The Guyanese Head of State unveiled plans to construct an international stadium and urban centre at Palmyra as well as state-of-the-art hotels and malls.
“You will have your own national stadium in Berbice and to support that national stadium we are going to build an entirely new urban centre,” President Ali said.
He pointed out that already, proposals for a state-of-the-art modern hotel, malls, and a private hospital have been received by the Government.
“And a whole lot more of other commercial activity will commence before the end of this year. These are the real plans we’re talking about connecting the country airdrome. We are going to upgrade that too (Rose Hall, East Canje airstrip) to eventually make it to the municipal airport like the one at Ogle and that will be connected to this new development in Palmyra that will bring all of these opportunities to the people here. These are, this is the real vision. It is not only the economic diversification in agriculture,” President Ali told hundreds in New Amsterdam at the Smythfield Drop-in Centre.
He also repeated the same announcements when he went to the Reliance Community Centre where an even larger crowd had gathered to listen to the Heal of State and also take advantage of the opportunity to raise concerns they have.
On that note, Minister within the Housing and Water Ministry Susan Rodrigues explained that it is a policy of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Government to meet with residents and listen to their concerns and suggestions.
“It is through these meetings and consultations that we are able to develop programmes and policies. We need you to be a part of what we do…”
Meanwhile, President Ali pointed out that his Government is placing much emphasis on education and Region Six will have its equal share.
“This region will be the home for the technical training centre; our national training centre. The Guyana National Training Centre will be there in Region Six. This is the centre that will train our young people in Guyana in different areas for oil and gas.”
In the 2022 National Budget, $160 million has been allocated for Phase One of the project.
“These are the real investment that is not helping the transformation of this region not only. We are talking about the billions of dollars we will be spending in community roads and the park that we’re going to create in New Amsterdam and then widening and resurfacing of the entire public road from New Amsterdam to Moleson Creek which will open up thousands of acres of land for people to go to the farm.”
President Ali pointed out that the Government is working to ensure that more disposable income is available for citizens. Pointing out some of the initiatives already implemented, the Head of State noted that the Government has taken a decision that despite the rise in the cost of fuel, both Guyana Water Inc and the Guyana Power and Light will not pass on those increases to consumers.
This, he said, is one measure to ensure that more disposable income is available.
Other initiatives include the “Because We Care” cash grants which saw $613 million being given to children in Region Six. In addition to that, $122 million in uniform allowance for students of that region was also distributed.
Old age pension is pegged at $3.6 billion for Region Six this year but the President said it is expected to triple within the next three years.
“All development must take place in a secure environment and so we will be investing in the security sector,” President Ali said.
The Head of State was accompanied by Prime Minister Mark Philips, Minister Rodrigues, Tourism Industry and Commerce Minister Oneidge Walrond and Region Six Chairman David Armogan. (G4)