Man arrested after kidnapping one day old baby

A teen mother is now crippled with fear after the father of her baby allegedly held her at gunpoint and kidnapped the child, one day after she was born. However, he was quickly intercepted and arrested.

The infant, Jazelle Goberdan, was forcefully taken by her father on November 24 at around 20:45h from her Tuschen Squatting Area, East Bank Essequibo (EBE) home.

According to Police, the child’s mother 19-year-old Jennifer Goberdan, was breastfeeding the baby on the said day, when the child’s father whom she shared a relationship with, appeared in the house and demanded that she hand over the baby.

The teen mother told investigators that she refused to hand over the child, which caused to man to become enraged. He subsequently whipped out a handgun from his pants pocket and pointed it in the direction of the woman, while taking the baby from her hands.

After taking the child, he made good his escape.

Following the incident, the matter was reported to the Police, who immediately conducted a search for the suspect. He was later found in a bus attempting to escape. The baby was found in the arms of a female passenger.

They were both arrested and taken to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station where they were questioned. The woman related that she does not know the man and that he asked her to just hold the baby a few minutes before the Police stopped the bus.

The woman’s account was confirmed by the child’s father and she was later released.

The man remains in Police custody as investigations are ongoing.