Man nabbed after ‘selling’ gun, ammo to undercover cop

The Headquarters of the Guyana Police Force have reported that ranks attached to the La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station on the West Bank of the Demerara (WBD) have arrested a resident of the community after he had arranged to sell a .38 revolver to an undercover Policeman for $150,000. The arrest was made on Tuesday, Police have said.
Reports are that ranks, acting on information received of a firearm for sale, went to La Parfaite Harmonie, WBD, where the undercover rank approached the man and told him he was interested in buying the firearm. At the time, the illegal weapon was being advertised at a price of $150,000.

The firearm that was ‘sold’ to the undercover cop

The suspect then went into his home, and returned with a black plastic bag which he handed over to the rank. Upon examination, it was observed that a .38 revolver with four matching rounds of ammunition was inside the bag.
The man was immediately arrested, and escorted to the La Parfaite Harmonie Police Station, where he remains in custody. The firearm was lodged, and further investigations are ongoing.
Just recently, a .32 Taurus pistol was found in the compound of the Parika Police Station by a man who reportedly assists in cleaning the area.
Based on reports received, the man was cleaning as normal when he observed a black object on the ground between the garbage bins.
As such, he picked up the said object, which appeared to be a firearm, and immediately brought same to the attention of a Police rank who was close by. The firearm was checked, and turned out to be a .32 Taurus pistol without any ammunition.
The said firearm, Police stated, turned out to be the one that was reportedly used in the execution of a robbery-under-arms offence which was not proven.