Man posing as a “doctor” being investigated

…“If you don’t act, you will encourage this type of behaviour” – Ramsammy on charges

The Guyana Cancer Foundation (GCF) on Tuesday distanced itself from one of its volunteers who allegedly pretended that he is medical doctor.

Mikhail Radius McLennan

A post that was made on the foundation’s Facebook page by its President, Bibi Saeedah Akhtar Hassan began circulating after the foundation was inundated with complaints that the man pretending to be a doctor was in fact an imposter.
“Guyana Cancer Foundation wishes to notify the General Public that Mikhail Radius McLennan is not a doctor and they are no records showing he is registered at the Medical Council of Guyana,” the post read.
According to the GCF’s President, McLennan had asked her to volunteer with the Guyana Cancer Foundation some time ago. She said several persons, including media personnel reached out to her and advised her that McLennan was not a doctor. She said that this prompted her to launch an investigation.

Mikhail Radius McLennan ‘treating’ a patient

“Persons called to confirm that he is not a doctor. I questioned him about his medical degree and he refused to send a copy of it to us. He said he is working as a medical officer/pharmacist at ROK Pharmacy and there is no such pharmacy that exists,” she said.
As such, the woman said McLennan is no longer affiliated with the Guyana Cancer Foundation.
Hassan also posted photos of the man’s alleged Curriculum Vitae (CV) that stated that he attended Queen’s College, Texila American University, and the University of Guyana.
He also claimed to hold a Degree in medicine, a Diploma in Theatre Arts, and a certificate in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Publisher.
The man also claimed he worked at several institutions including the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital, New Amsterdam Family Health Centre, Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), and the ROK Pharmacy. The man listed Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan on his CV as a reference.
However, after the news of the Guyana Cancer Foundation started to circulate, McLennan issued a statement on his Facebook page, apologising and confirming that he is indeed not a medical doctor.

“First off let me start by apologizing to everyone that’s been affected by this. I acknowledge that I made a huge mistake and I would at least try to explain my side. I did start the University of Guyana in 2016 to pursue what was and still is my passion to become a Medical Doctor. My mom was my only means of support and when she got ill and could not support me any longer. I had no choice but to drop out.”
“I did try everything else to make my dream a reality, some of which I’m not so proud of, but when it did not work out, I was too embarrassed to tell some of my closest friends and family of my situation. In my heart and many hearts, I am a doctor because that’s my passion so I did insert myself into circumstances which allowed me more knowledge in this field even if it was not in the classrooms.”
“I know I went too far by calling myself or introducing myself as a doctor and for that, I sincerely apologize. I do not know where I will go from here but my aim is to the top. I’m only human and I’m still a work in progress,” the statement read.

Guyana Times understands that the actions committed by the man are considered a criminal offence. It is unclear if charges will be instituted against him.
When contacted for a comment on the situation, Advisor to the Health Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy noted that he has since advised the Chief Medical Officer to contact the Medical Council of Guyana on this matter. He explained that the Medical Council has the authority to call in the Police to investigate the situation.
“If you don’t act, you will encourage this type of behaviour,” he noted. (G9)