Mash 2019 deemed a success – Minister Norton

As the Department of Social Cohesion begins to close the curtains on the Mashramani 2019 celebrations, Social Cohesion Minister, Dr George Norton has deemed the activities held thus far a success.
Remaining on the calendar of events is the Linden and Berbice Mashramani parades slated for March 3, followed by the Champions in Concert, in Mahdia, on March 9.
Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), Minister Norton noted his satisfaction with the massive involvement and support shown by the young people which he opined was instrumental in the success of the country’s 49th Republic Anniversary.

Minister, Dr George Norton

“Though the 23rd of February has come and gone, the Mash spirit still lives, since we still have Mash activities, with the last being in Mahdia where we will have a Champions concert. But overall, I am happy for basically the crowd support… it was amazing to know that at 3 in the afternoon the Mashramani route was filled to capacity, both Vlissengen and Irving road and D’Urban Park … you had to be young, strong and active in order to withstand the longest route we have ever had, and you could have seen the energy from the young people,” he said.
According to Minister Norton, from all indications, support for future Mashramani activities will continue to increase as necessary improvements will be made.
“Mash is here to stay, and we will try to improve moving forward,” he said.
These improvements include the upgrading of the clean-up exercise which he believes will become a fixture of the Mashramani celebration.
“The organising committee will always have this on their agenda, and we will insist that the clean-up exercise starts as early as possible. Thus far, it is proving to be quite successful. However, we have taken note of complaints made about garbage bins not being placed along the route; therefore, consideration will be taken to improve the citizens’ experience,” he explained.
On Republic Day, workers were seen walking behind the last float cleaning up garbage, into the wee hours of Sunday.
It was highlighted that the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) aims to introduce a mandatory fee in 2020 for the cleaning up of vending spots along the Mashramani route, as efforts to get persons to better dispose of their garbage were futile.