Massive support for HJ mega-events during Independence Weekend

Hits and Jams Entertainment has, without a doubt, put an end to the cravings of the thousands of hungry Guyanese partyholics, who were in need of some fun and entertainment to calm their minds from everything that is happening around them.
The entertainment group hosted several mega events to commemorate Guyana’s 57th Independence Anniversary, but the icing on the cake was Kees and his band at the signature event, ‘Stinging Nettles’, which was held at the Guyana Marriott parking lot on the evening before Independence. This has become one of the most anticipated events of the Independence weekend.
Although there were calls for the shows to be rescheduled due to the tragic fire in Mahdia, Hits and Jam’s directors could not have made such a decision, since a lot of investment was pumped into staging the shows. Nevertheless, before the commencement of the show, a one-minute silence was observed in tribute to the 19 souls who have lost their lives.
The event could only be dubbed extraordinary, since two well-known international Soca artistes were the headline acts. But kudos must also be given to the local deejays, who definitely set the tone for a fantastic evening. Soca rhythm upon soca rhythm boomed through the speakers, sending the right vibes for at least two hours before the artistes came on stage.
While Timeka Marshall and other local artistes started the show, and Barbadian soca star Rupee had the crowd going wild as he belched out some of his tunes, the night belonged to Kes. As usual, he dished out some of his hits, accompanied by his signature “fine wine”, sending the crowd into a frenzy.
During Kes’s energetic performance, the rain came down, but that just made things merrier for the partyholics and soca junkies, who, drenched from their heads to their toes, thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Some of the patrons even partied into the morning.
Meanwhile, the “Stink and Dutty” J’ouvert was also off the hook. Thousands flocked the National Park to be part of the event, which formed part of HJ’s Independence Weekend fete. The music, performances, and water sprinklers did the job, and without a doubt added to the excitement of a fabulous evening.
Then came “Baderation” at the Guyana National Stadium, with Jamaican dancehall star Alkaline heading that show.
He last performed in Guyana several years ago, and his fans turned up in their thousands to get a glimpse of him and, more so, to enjoy the vibes associated with the event.
He was accompanied by other Jamaican artistes, but his performance was the proverbial icing on the cake. He was well-received, and definitely performed for his fans.
The packed weekend culminated with the most elite event, “Soca and Wine”, which saw ladies and gentlemen lashing out in their designer “dan-dan” to match the theme.
While there were some hiccups at the beginning, this did not stop those present from having a grand time. Soca music was up to their throats, and the party mood was definitely palpable.
The decor and the setting added to the ambience of a well spent evening of fun and excitement.
The event also saw the top nine delegates vying for the Miss Jamzone title being announced after the online voting.
All in all, the Independence Weekend activities with Hits and Jams Entertainment were nothing but real vibes and fun, and without a doubt, patrons cannot wait for next year.