Mayor reminds “littering is unlawful” amid garbage pileup post-Easter

Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine looks on in disgust at a polluted section of the seawall

Following a huge garbage pileup after the holiday weekend festivities in the city, Georgetown Mayor Ubraj Narine has reminded that persons can be charged for littering.
In a Facebook post in which he expressed that he was “feeling sad”, Mayor Narine said, “it is with regret that I express my displeasure with the manner in which businesses and citizens disposed of their garbage, in the Kitty Sea Wall area”.
Garbage was scattered all across the shores even though the City Council provided four skip bins, none of which were utilised, the Mayor said.
“The M&CC provided four skip bins for the area, none of which were utilised, resulting in a large amount of litter in the said area and its surrounding environment,” the Mayor posted.
He added: “The M&CC wishes to remind citizens and businesses that littering is unlawful as outlined in the Environmental Protection Act No 11 of 1996 and Chapter 28:01 Municipal and District Councils Act”.
As a consequence, the Mayor urged all citizens to take responsibility for the manner in which they dispose of their garbage.
“We should not allow others to bestrew our environment, while we are taking measures to keep same clean,” he stated.
Just last month, Mayor Narine had proposed that the fine for littering be raised to $50,000. The fine is currently $10,000.

Garbage piles left around the city following the festivities on Monday
Garbage piles left around the city following the festivities on Monday