Mechanic reportedly confesses to killing wife

Hours after he had been arrested in a hotel in Berbice, Clarence Farley, called Junior, reportedly confessed to murdering his wife, 39-year-old school teacher Omega Ault, several days prior to the discovery of her body.
This has been confirmed by Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum, who did not divulge any further details about the confession. The post-mortem, however, has revealed that Ault, a Home Economics teacher formerly of Aurora, Essequibo Coast, Region Two, had been severely beaten to the head, one of the major factors that had led to her demise.

Murder suspect Clarence Farley after being arrested on Thursday

Blanhum, nevertheless, stated that after Farley’s arrest in a hotel room in the ancient county of Berbice, he was brought to the Criminal Investigations Department Headquarters, where he is being questioned. It was during that interrogation that he confessed to committing the heinous crime.
“He is cooperating with the detectives”, Blanhum told Guyana Times on Friday.
Now that a confession has been secured, the file would be sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice.
Farley, called “Junior”, a 40-year-old mechanic of Lot 18 Crane Village, West Coast Demerara (WCD), was arrested at some time around 19:50h on Thursday. Reports are that Police ranks acting on information received went to the hotel at Number 78 Village, Corriverton, Berbice where Farley was seen, and arrested.
“Farley was contacted in room number nine in the said hotel. He was told of the allegation, cautioned, and arrested. He was escorted to Springlands Police Station, where he was placed in custody,” the Police have said.
Ault’s decomposing body was found on Friday evening at the couple’s Crane Public Road home. The discovery was made after the woman’s brother had gone to the house to check on her because he had failed to get in contact with her for two weeks. The man told the Police that after phone calls to his sister had gone unanswered, he went to her home to check on her.

Dead: Omega Ault

He related that he pushed open the front door to the house, and immediately got an unpleasant scent. He then went into the front room of the house, and saw the motionless body of his sister lying in a state of decomposition.
It has been reported that Ault and Farley, who lived with their three-year-old son, had been encountering “problems” in their marriage.
Police have said that about four days prior to the discovery of the woman’s body, Farley had taken their son to his deceased wife’s sister at Diamond, East Bank Demerara (EBD), and had left the boy there after telling her that he was going into the backdam.
A wanted bulletin was issued for Farley on Saturday. The man’s car was found over the weekend in a lumberyard at Coverden, EBD.
A source had told <<Guyana Times>>> that Farley was contracted to the lumberyard, and, two Sundays ago, had parked his car at the business place at Coverden and had used one of the company’s vehicles to travel into the interior.
On his way in, the vehicle reportedly encountered mechanical issues, and the wanted man returned the following day to the office to get the parts to fix the problem. He left with the intention of securing the parts, but was since not seen or heard from at the office.