Media consultant’s home invaded, robbed

The North Ruimveldt, Georgetown residence that was robbed

The Graham family of North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, has been left traumatised after their home was invaded and robbed in the wee hours of Friday morning. Reports are the robbery occurred while the family of four was asleep sometime between 12:00h to 03:00h.
Guyana Times understands that media consultant, Alex Graham’s wife, was awakened by a strange noise.
This newspaper was told that Mrs Graham upon checking saw one of the perpetrators in the house, who managed to escape. She immediately raised an alarm.
Alex Graham told this publication that he was downstairs, where he fell asleep after binge watching a television series. After his wife raised the alarm, he sprang up but the men had already left. The intruders fed the dogs in the yard to keep them quiet and entered the two-storey concrete house through an emergency exit window with the aid of ladder.
Graham noted that the ladder used was placed at a window by construction workers who were presently doing rehabilitative works on his home.
“I am satisfied that they came up through the hallway bath window, that window is over 30 feet from the ground, it is one of the windows we have without grill work as it is my fire escape in case of an emergency. They had to use a long ladder, right now we are refurbishing the house so we have workmen here and so there was a ladder that was 30 feet long in the yard so I suspect that it was someone who knew that it was there,” Graham said.
According to Graham, the perpetrators went into every room of the home and made off with electronics as well as an undisclosed sum of cash and even colognes.
“I don’t have an estimate right now but I know that we have lost three laptops, we lost three or four cellphones, we have lost a lot of small electronics, flash drives with my work and so on, my wife’s bag was taken with her documents, keys and valuables, my wallet was taken along with a bag which contained cash,” Graham disclosed.
The Police came in for harsh criticism since several calls placed to 911 went unanswered.
“We couldn’t get through for hours. It was after I used an old laptop to make a post on Facebook that persons in the media contacted the Police,” Graham informed.
He revealed that when an officer did visit the home, he was unprepared and had to leave and return with other ranks.
Nevertheless, the Police visited the house and are questioning several persons. This newspaper was told that an investigation has also been launched into the non-answering of the 911 calls.

Media consultant Alex Graham