Mingo walks among us a free man, with no consequence

Dear Editor,
Why did Chief Justice Roxane George take control of the injunction granted by Justice Navindra Singh and not the one granted by Justice Franklyn Holder? I know of no impediment, and more than a few compelling reasons why the Holder case should have been transferred to Milady’s Court.
Given that the CJ took the reins of the Mingo case from Justice Navindra Singh; found the Mingo declaration of 4th March unlawful; gave specific directions as to how the process of tabulation should occur, and is currently considering a motion against Mingo for contempt of her order, it is only proper and fitting that an injunction against a recount of ballots should gain her attention, as the most senior High Court Judge.
As an aside, Mr Mingo walks among us a free man, with no consequence levied for his contempt of the CJ’s clear ruling; the evidence of this is abundant in the reports of the Observer missions.

Editor, it may be that there is a hierarchy among the Judges in the High Court of which I am unaware, or a procedure of which I am ignorant; Justice Singh may not be of the similar stature as Justice Holder. I stand ready to be advised.

Name withheld