Misleading to say no commitment was given to reduce Berbice Bridge toll

Dear Editor,
The writer of the letter “Were those recent promises taken from the PPP’s Manifesto, or are they just pulling things out of a hat?” stated Region Two ‘will get 1000 jobs’. The VP rolled into that region a few weeks ago and rolled out 800 part-time jobs to help cushion the effects of the rising cost of living for Region Two. The writer further stated in the matter of the Berbice Bridge tolls, ‘the Government said no to lower tolls on the Berbice Bridge as requested by the Central Corentyne Chamber of Commerce’. This is misleading as it creates the impression the Government is opposed to a review of the toll structure of the Berbice Bridge.
In a recent Cabinet outreach to Region Six, it was reported the President made clear there are no plans or intention for the Administration to take ownership of the Bridge. Further, a commitment was given by the President to engage stakeholders on reducing the steep tolls. No was the response to the Chamber’s request, not to the toll reduction.
Shamshun Mohamed