Mistaken belief of not having to face a trial is finally put to rest

Dear Editor,
In my last letter, I highlighted the fact that there is a nexus between the burning of the Brickdam Police Station and the political undercurrents attached to it. My reason follows the logical sequence of events; that is, the inordinate enquiry by Opposition elements as to what type of documents were destroyed in the fire. They kept plugging away at the point whether it was the SOPs for Region 4 that were destroyed in that fire, the expressed intention being mission accomplished, if it were those SOPs.
They would have gloated in the fact that the destruction meant there would be no evidence to present in a court of law, hence no case of wrongdoing against the infamous seven persons charged. It would have been a time of rejoicing for them.
Well, I am happy to announce that their happiness is short-lived, because the SOPs are safe and secure, and will be in evidence when the time of trial comes.
Like the IT technician who conveniently felt unwell, and Mr Mingo who had that brief but suspicious “heart attack,” soon, and very soon, there will be instant bouts of diarrhoea when this trial begins. The point I am making is that the mistaken belief of not having to face a trial is finally put to rest, this matter will be tried and dire consequences would follow.
The infamous seven and their associates must come to the realisation that rigging would not be tolerated anymore in this country. Guyana will remain a democratic state run by democratically-elected officials in a free and fair system, as well as a system free from fear. No longer would rigging be an item on our political landscape.

Neil Adams