MMG automated toll system at DHB enables efficient, cashless commute

The cashless and time efficient alternative to traverse the Demerara Harbour Bridge is now within the reach of commuters, with the launch of its new automated toll system on Friday.

Minister Juan Edghill cutting the ribbon to open the new cashless system

The Demerara Harbour Bridge Cooperation (DHBC) has collaborated with Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) through its MMG to offer this new system to the public.
To make toll payments via MMG, there are simple steps involved: set up an account with DHBC and load money to the account from MMG. The Harbour Bridge toll will be paid automatically when a person drives through the toll station.
It is explained that the magnetic RFID tag would be placed on the vehicle, and when that vehicle approaches the toll station on the eastern end of the bridge, the system’s sensors would identify the commuter’s vehicle using the tag and the toll would be deducted automatically. With the system, tags would be created based on the vehicle type.

The first vehicle to utilise the automated toll system at the DHB

Public Works Minister Juan Edghill stressed that this will ease the distress of congestion faced by commuters, especially during peak hours, and allow a smooth flow of traffic through the toll stations and onto the bridge. Moreover, it allows for greater accountability.
“With this system and the possibility of a reconciliation model that will be employed because of the electronic reading and calculations, it should be able to bring greater level of accountability.”
General Manager of the DHB, Wayne Watson contended that management’s decision to review the modalities in services provided led to this technological change. It replaces the archaic system of using cash and waiting for several minutes at the toll booths to collect change.
“If we look around, there are lots of development going on and in the near future, we will have a new bridge. To go to a system like that where you have to wait on change is not something one wants to perceive with the chaos and confusion,” the General Manager pointed out.
General Manager of MMG, Babita Ram has labelled this as an innovative solution, changing the landscape to keep up with massive developments ahead.
“It provides a cashless alternative and creates a 21st century experience for our rapidly developing nation. Since its launch in 2013, MMG has singularly transformed the way Guyanese pay for everyday things, things that are part of our everyday lives,” said Ram.
Accounts are approved within 48 hours. The minimum amount of money that can be added to the DHB account is $500. There are over 600 MMG accounts countrywide. Several vehicles can use the same account but each vehicle will have its own unique RFID tag attached to its windshield.