Mo’ money…

…for the masses
Well, Pressie addressed one of the May Day rallies –  how many are there now? – and said he’s working diligently on his party’s developmental plan to put mo’ money into the pockets of the “working class”. Now, your Eyewitness knows this term comes easily to PPP folks – and Pressie pretty much cut his “milk teeth” in the bosom of the PPP! – but, really now…isn’t it time it be jettisoned?
“Working class” implies acceptance of Marx’s thesis about their being an inevitable struggle between “classes” in all societies – and in which the “working class” is gonna emerge victorious. To establish a “dictatorship of the proletariat”!!
But is this where Guyana’s at?? Your Eyewitness doesn’t think so. He sees the PPP’s development strategy creating a “rising tide that’s gonna lift all ships” – and placing them at harbours where they’ll all be able to become loaded with everything they’ll earn!! Doesn’t matter what class, colour, creed, ethnicity, gender, capabilities, or whatever!!
But there’s that critical caveat your Eyewitness always identifies: folks will be given equal opportunity to earn – but as to HOW MUCH they earn, that’ll depend on them!!
There’s never been a society where everybody will each have an equal amount of goods. But once the OPPORTUNITY is opened to all, those who end up with less shouldn’t complain. One wise fella put it rather well when he pointed out that there’s nothing wrong with a certain amount of inequality – once those who aren’t as equal are still better off than if those who have more weren’t there. Meaning that there are some – like Bill Gates or Steven Jobs – who are hugely wealthy, but we below then are still better off, because of their contributions!! Can you imagine what life would be without your PC or iPhone??
So, when Pressie talks about initiating programmes to put mo money in mo’ pockets, your Eyewitness hopes folks understand it wouldn’t be like they can just loll around and money’s gonna fall like manna from above!! Even China – which swear they’re still following Marx as communists – insist on folks getting what they earn – just that everyone has the opportunity to earn. So, we have a situation where China has more BILLIONAIRES than the US, the mecca of capitalism — 814 vs 813 -after losing 150 last year!!
The question that the Chinese have answered – after lifting the most people out of poverty IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND!! – is whether they could’ve done it without those folks becoming billionaires. And the answer is a great resounding NO!! So, we return to Guyana, where Pressie should be saying he’ll put more money in everyone’s pockets!!
And the heck to the lazy who want it all without effort!!

…for CSI
Your Eyewitness was pretty chuffed to see that our crack (cracked?!!) Police Force just acquired a fully equipped Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) vehicle!!
Now, he has to admit he is a fervent fan of the CSI scene, and, as he saw, apart from having a bunch of top-drawer investigators, they had that van with other technicians ready to deal with the evidence.
He looked at one of the ads for such vans, and while they weren’t Mercedez Benz like ours, they had “shelving, soft closing lockable drawers, storage benches, work tables, air conditioning and heating, and were fitted with a counter fridge and a built-in sink with hot and cold water. Waste water is collected and held on board.
The vehicle stores specialized forensic equipment such as evidence and sample bags, jars, seals and labels, tents, screens, crime scene markers and tape, PPE equipment, crime scene tools, search equipment, DNA & drug testing equipment, body bags, laboratory equipment, as well as cleaning equipment, chemicals & disinfectant.”
No more cold cases!!

…for Burna Boy
Well, Burna Boy probably picked up at least a cool US$250,000 for his couple of hours’ performance at the National Stadium. Not bad for a kid from Rivers State in Nigeria with his Afrobeats!!