Mocha needs help

Dear Editor,

I call upon the government to expeditiously address the challenges faced by residents living within Mocha/Arcadia. We have been living under deplorable conditions, somewhat as if we are a neglected community. For several years, villagers have been commuting on either damaged, or damage and narrow roads. At the state it’s in now, we can no longer fill the holes with solid waste. It would require major repairs or complete reconstruction, and in the case of those that are too narrow, expansion. The fact that it’s impossible for any rescue services to respond efficiently to my community makes me very concerned. Sadly, there are senior citizens who have had to walk great distances because buses refuse to traverse the damaged roads, the situation is the same for school children and the working class, both in the evening and throughout the day.

This brings me to the second issue at present: street lights. There are not enough street lights installed throughout the village. There are many petty crimes that are not reported to the relevant authority, most they happen in the dark of night. I believe, and studies have shown that street lighting reduces crime and traffic accidents by a considerable amount and it is therefore necessary to have it for these reasons.

I also believe that there is a need for the construction of a Youth Friendly Space particularly in the New Housing Scheme of Arcadia; this should include a library and research centre, a play park, a community stage and sporting facilities that can host Football, Basketball, Tennis, Netball and Cricket tournaments. But more importantly, it should house a Skills Training facility, and built with sufficient space to house community-based organisations and cultural groups.

To whom this may concern, to those who are proud Cabinet members of the Government; to all politicians; and to those who are privileged members of the elite communities, this is my humble plea to you fellow countrymen: “Do not turn a blind eye on things you know are wrong, stand for what is right. The solution to division is treating all equally, despite their socio-economic status, ethnicity or religion. “

In closing, I’d like to invite President David Arthur Granger to visit the community of Mocha/Arcadia once during the day to see the neglected condition of our roads, the drainage system surrounding the community, and lack of recreational facilities. And, once during the night to see how necessary it for us to have street lights both on the Mocha Entrance Road and throughout the village.

Sincerely, Ja’asriel Bishop