MoE launches breakfast programme for Reg 2 schools

The Education Ministry on Thursday officially launched its Edutrition: Breakfast for Success programme in Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).
Through this programme, all Grade Six children, nursery-level pupils as well as those in Grades One and Two, and children living in Amerindian communities will now receive breakfast every day at school.

Education Minister Priya Manickchand officially launched the Ministry’s Edutrition: Breakfast for Success programme in Region Two

During the launch at the Taymouth Manor Primary School on the Essequibo Coast, Education Minister Priya Manickchand stated that the programme was part of the Ministry’s plan to ensure every school-aged child received an education.
She highlighted that the programme built on the hot meals programme implemented by then President Bharrat Jagdeo. The Minister also explained that much thought and research went into meal planning so that pupils would get the nutrition they need.
She further noted that in addition to easing the burden of some parents and providing breakfast for thousands of pupils, the programme also employs persons in the region. Minister Manickchand then reiterated the commitment to improving the lives of children across Guyana.
“These programmes come from a will to serve you, to be your servants to serve in a way that your life and your children’s life get changed. We intend that because of our service to you, your children will have better lives and you will have fewer struggles than you had and will have more and live a life of plenty. That is what we want in this government for you and that is why you see programme after programme being rolled out so that we could make sure your children are better off,” the Minister stated.
Head of the Ministry’s Distribution Unit, Wentworth Tanner, in brief remarks, said: “This feeding programme not only benefits schoolchildren but it is a programme that will benefit Guyana in the future and the availability of its high-quality workforce. And finally, a programme that is benefiting Guyanese families now.”
Similarly, the Coordinator of the Breakfast Programme, Mahendra Phagwah told the pupils at Taymouth Manor Primary School that the programme was created to meet their needs, so they could enjoy a nutritious yet tasty meal.
“I want to say to you that no one here should think his or her voice is too small, we will listen to you and we will try our best to ensure that what you receive is quality,” he said.
Regional Chairperson Velma De Silva, in her remarks, highlighted that the commissioning of the programme demonstrated the Government’s commitment to ensuring education remained a top priority.
“To ensure that we have a developed country, we have to take care of education and it starts with you, the children and that starts with a proper meal in the morning to ensure that you focus during class,” the Region Two Chair noted.
Wanita Hunte, an Education Officer in the region, stated that the programme would transform the lives of pupils and pave the way for their future.
To date, some 10,700 pupils from 245 primary schools have benefited from the Education Ministry’s Edutrition: Breakfast for Success programme. Additionally, more than 80,000 children benefit from the National School Feeding Programme every single day. The programme has also been credited with improving the number of pupils attending school.