Mohamed’s Enterprise to construct US$5M concrete production facility at Providence

Mohamed’s Enterprise, in partnership with Tepui Group Inc., whose principal is Mikhail Rodrigues, will soon commence concrete production at Providence, on the East Bank of Demerara. Presently, the facility is under construction, and once completed, production will commence.
Businessman Azruddin Mohamed visited the area on Wednesday to assess and inspect ongoing works. While there, he was briefed on the scope of work to be done, and was impressed at the pace at which work is being executed on the facility.

Businessmen Azruddin Mohamed and Mikhail Rodrigues in discussion

Upon completion, the facility would produce concrete pre-stressed piles as large as 16X16 in width with a length of up to 160 feet; slabs for bridges, utility poles, and a wide variety of construction services, including state-of-the-art equipment.
In addition, the facility will be accessible by a wharf that is being constructed, which will facilitate the delivery of materials to any part of the coastland by water.
Further, these high-quality materials will be made to international specifications, and will be certified by German engineers.
This recent undertaking will not only cater to the construction needs of the country, but will see the creation of scores of jobs for Guyanese. In addition, this multi-million-dollar facility will contribute to the country’s booming economy with its payments of taxes.
Back in April 2022, Hadi’s World Incorporation, a subsidiary of Mohamed’s Enterprise, partnered with China Harbour Engineering Company Guyana Inc to pursue the US$25M quarry project to cater to the needs of the country’s booming construction sector.
The long-term agreement will see the establishment of the quarry along the Mazaruni River, where the Chinese company will produce boulders and quarry aggregates for local and foreign construction markets.
Mohamed’s Enterprise, back in 2018, constructed the first-ever laydown facility at Mc Doom, Greater Georgetown.

Ongoing work at the facility

The facility, constructed on five acres of land, is estimated to cost US$3 million. The area was underdeveloped and required massive intervention to get to being one of the best-constructed facilities in modern times. A total of 7000 tons of crush and run, 500 loads of sand, and approximately 250 loads of red loam were used to construct the facility.