Moon ah run…

…till day ketch am
The folk wisdom, “Moon a run ‘till day ketch am”, pronounces on the inevitability of natural processes unfolding according to innate natural laws. Most of us transfer those processes into the workings of our own lives, and in the case of this aphorism, conclude that no matter how bleak and dismal things may look today, there’s an end to it all. “Day will ketch am” with the brightness of sunshine!! And, of course, the blatant and shameless rigging by the PNC comes to mind.
But your Eyewitness is reminded of the insight of Marx’s old teacher Hegel, who made the seminal distinction between “events” and “actions”. “Events” are things happening in nature – like the earth orbiting the sun and the moon orbiting the earth and we see each at their predetermined times. Newton, and others following in his footsteps, discovered “laws” that control these events – and so it was with everything else in nature.
“Actions”, on the other hand, describe what man does as he reacts to events or actions around him – and there’s no law to describe these actions. Man has something called his “mind” which intermediates between action and reaction. And this is where it is impossible – forget “psychology! – to predict what exactly folks will do – even when they may face the same circumstances. One economics fella calls it “reflexivity” – and used it to explain why no social scientists – no matter how much they boast about being “scientific” can ever predict what even a single human will do!! Humans aren’t subject to the premises of “ergodicity” – go look that up, Dear Reader!!
And we return – after this looong detour – to look ahead as to what the PNC may do as its rigging efforts collapse in ignominy as Mingo’s inflation of PNC’s votes – even more spectacular than in the first few seconds after the Big Bang! – is exposed. Some folks might assume, for instance, that Granger, his minions and his myrmidons will hang their heads in shame and resign, after what happened yesterday.
Mechanically obeying his instructions that there must be objections to at least 20 “emigrated” or “dead” to every box, the PNC agent called out 24 objections. Only to discover that the PNC got 250 votes, the PPP 3 and two small parties another 3. If he’s to be believed, the PNC received 18 of those emigrated voters!! But this is where you can’t predict man’s actions: the PNC’s blithely proceeding with its narrative that it won the elections!!
So, what’ll happen after the recount?? Nothing’s sure, but your Eyewitness’s betting the PNC will not go quietly into the night. The international community will have to pry them out!!

 …till race catch up
As your Eyewitness’s been complaining, the international community’s been huffin’ and puffin’, but the PNC’s brick house hasn’t fallen down. And they continue by outrageously sticking their middle finger into the US’s eye. The latest was the announcement by the NCTF – headed by the ex-US citizen, Lt Col Joseph Harmon – that several planeloads of Guyanese citizens will be allowed in in the next week or so. But no Carter Center!!
So, what about the fears that opening up our airspace will unleash a wave of COVID-19 infections? “COVID-19 is real!” insisted Granger, unctuously! Well, PNCites will say those who’re coming in will have to be tested and shown to be negative before they enter. But hold it!! Wasn’t this what the Carter Center also promised? Doesn’t matter. As explained by Burnhamite Hamilton Green OR – the first to be honoured by fellow Burnhamite Granger – the Carter Center’s coming from the racist Deep South.
Never mind that Carter put religion and fighting racism at the centre of his life!! His sin is, he thinks democracy matters!!

…sanctions catch am
Granger wants evidence of wrongdoing before sanctions are imposed. So, not calling out Mingo for padding PNC’s votes isn’t a “wrongdoing”??
Granger would know there are also sins of omission, which earn the same punishment!!