More confusion…in PNC bunker

Yes, there’s no PNC “Camp”; it’s now been converted into a bunker, as the bedraggled troops of Burnham – such as they are – desperately scramble for survival. Remember Hitler and the remnants of his Third Reich as the Russians advanced from the East and the Allies from the West?? With defeat staring them in the face, it was every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost!!
Some underlings even flew all the way to Britain to try to cut deals!!
And so it’s turning out in Guyana as the PPP continues its political blitzkrieg along all fronts – economic, political, social, cultural etc – against the leaderless and moribund PNC. Unlike Hitler, who tried to mass his troops till the (bitter) end, PNC Leader Granger immediately retreated to his bunker at Pearl after his rigging gambit, and has never been seen or heard from again!! Can you imagine what that’s done to the morale of his troops? And as the PPP moved in to fill the leadership vacuum, the rump PNC can see at least another 23 years of wandering in the political wilderness staring at them in the face.
Not surprisingly, there’s much weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth – not to mention loud lamentations! – about what’s gonna be the fate of the PNC. In politics, if your following are trooping across to your opponents’ banner, there’s no tomorrow for you. There is, of course, the object lesson of other parties that once had tens of thousands of followers who’ve now collapsed into black holes from which nothing emerges – even radiation!!
But you’ve got to give it to the remnant of the PNC leadership – they’re at least trying to have a go at putting together their Humpty-Dumpty party back again after its great fall. There’s gonna be a virtual Congress next week to elect a new leadership cadre across all levels. In a sense, what we’re seeing is an attempt to raise the dead, 2021 years after the first and only successful attempt!!
And as you may suspect, it hasn’t been easy getting to this point – and it still ain’t over!! The first bit of drama was whether incumbent Leader Granger and incumbent Chair Volda Lawrence would throw their hats into the ring. They decided that discretion was the better part of valor and declined!! So, this being the PNC, the smart money’s on whichever candidate they figure controls the Accreditation Committee. That three members had to resign a couple of days ago because they had skin in the game doesn’t mean that all is kosher – just that the candidates know the nature of their party!! Rigging is a given!!
Expect more manoeuvres up to, and including, elections day!!

…on taking the (PNC) rap
Some were surprised when Winston Jordan emerged from the shadows of the Budget office to become a PNC attack dog. But it merely illustrates what everybody knows – that scratch the surface of any Civil Service department – like with the GDF and Granger, or Felix with the GPF – and you’ll find a rabid, card-carrying PNC partisan!! Remember Bartica and Jordan crying “War Break”!!!??
But as Malcolm X said prophetically back in the day, “Chickens do come home to roost”!! And from the rhetoric Jordan’s been spouting recently, the man sure knows his Malcolm!! Seems that when he was Finance Minister, as is the norm in politics, campaign contributors had to be repaid. In Guyana, this has become a fine (but notorious!) act: just hand out Government assets for peanuts to the said contributors!!
But Jeez!! You gotta use some discretion. Ow man!! You can’t hand over a wharf worth US$40 million for just half million and end up paying US$100,000!
And that’s why Jordan’s been charged for public misfeasance.

…and health challenge
But your Eyewitness is sad to hear that Jordan’s blood pressure jumped so high while he was being questioned by the Police that he had to receive medical attention.
We hope he recovers soon.