More prisoners to be released soon – President

non-violent mothers favoured

Despite much uneasiness about the pardoning of another set of convicted persons, Government has nonetheless advanced the programme and another batch of prisoners is expected to be released soon.

In a brief interview with Guyana Times on Saturday, President Granger said that the release of the prisoners Granger-interview


will be announced soon but noted that it will be mostly, if not entirely, women.

He explained that in addition to the same criteria used last year, short conviction period was also taken into account when selecting those to be released this time round.

“In broad terms, we are looking for person with non-violent offences and with relatively short terms of imprisonment and women who are mothers. So it is unlikely that we will have males so,” the Head of State noted.

Moreover, the President said that the names of those prisoners who were selecting to be released will be made public soon, “next week perhaps”.